Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/07/30

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To: leica-users
From: (Chuck Liang)
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 92 18:38:06 EDT
Posted-Date: Thu, 30 Jul 92 18:38:06 EDT

  I've heard for some time that some camera lenses can also be used as
enlarger lenses.  Recently I got a leica 3 and a 50mm f3.5 leitz Elmar lens 
and found that the lens screws perfectly into my enlarger (Durst
M601).  I set the lens to infinity, stopped down to f5.6 and made a
print with the same exposure time I would use with my regular lens,
and the print came out fine - it was quite sharp, even though the
old Elmar lens is slightly foggy.

  I was wondering if anybody else has used leica screwmount lenses as
enlarger lenses and know what the exact story is.  If I get a 50mm
summacron lens, would the superb quality of this lens be preserved
when I use it for enlarging?  And dare I use the f2 aperture?  I don't
see any enlarger lenses available today with aperture larger than