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Subject: [Leica] M8 shooting without lens coding or IR filters
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 08:29:07 -0700
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On Mar 26, 2009, at 7:50 AM, George Lottermoser wrote:

> I agree with Henning.
> The filters (and coding) increase quality and reduce post processing.
> You can, however, achieve decent, good quality work without.
> I started with one coded lens, 50 lux asph, and filter.
> That one filter would move to 28 cron and 35 lux asph when I changed  
> lenses (workable yet not fun).
> Once I had filters for all four main lenses (75 lux being the  
> fourth) and could leave them on - it became a bit simpler and more  
> pleasurable.
> Getting the 28 cron coded improved the cyan corner issues.
> Only the 35 lux asph remains to be coded - it doesn't have major  
> corner issues - but when budget allows - I'll have it coded.
> The 75 lux probably will never get coded.
> I'm always quite amazed by the M8 files with the 65 and 135 elmars

hi George, I assume the 135 Elmar is  the 135/ f4 Elmar in M mount?


> something about these ancient configurations
> seem to allow them to work quite well
> without coding or filters
> Regards,
> George Lottermoser
> george at
> On Mar 26, 2009, at 12:14 AM, Henning Wulff wrote:
>>> I'm sure you'll hear from a lot of people that IR cut filters  
>>> aren't really necessary.
>> Unfortunately, for the best quality they are. Even outdoors on  
>> sunny days they are as IR reflection off leaves is quite intense  
>> and makes the colours murky. The only time that the IR filters are  
>> not necessary is when there is no IR radiation, as on very overcast  
>> days or under bad flourescents. The 'synthetic clothing' thing is a  
>> bit of a red herring, pun unintended. You'll find black cotton and  
>> black wool, black cars and black furniture that all gets various  
>> funky magenta hues. It can be subdued with clever Photoshop work,  
>> but not eradicated, and it doesn't solve the following problem.
>> IR also causes some degradation of sharpness, as the IR doesn't  
>> focus at the same plane as the visible light. This will generally  
>> be more noticeable with older lens designs.
>> So - best plan on getting IR filters at some time. I assume the 35  
>> Summilux is the non-ASPH that uses the series 7 filters? If so, and  
>> if your 90 Summicron is an older one that uses 48mm filters, or  
>> somewhat later that uses 49mm filters, you're in luck, as the 48 or  
>> 49mm filters can be reversed in the hood of the Summilux where the  
>> series 7 filters reside. Then get a step down ring from 48 (or 49)  
>> to 39 and you can use the filter on the 50 Summicron and the 21CV  
>> as well. Switching lenses (and filters) can be a pain, though.
>> The 21CV should be coded, as should all lenses below 35mm. Best is  
>> to either get an adapter ring (Leica thread to M bayonet) from John  
>> Milich which has the pits in the correct locations, or buy a 'type  
>> 2' Cosina adapter from cameraquest and send it to John Milich to  
>> get the pits engraved. Then just paint in the dots to code the lens  
>> as a 21 Elmarit. Works great; no cyan corners and even illumination.
>> Your other lenses don't need to get coded as the cyan corners are  
>> barely noticeable (35mm lens) to non-existent (50 and 90mm).
>> That leaves the Nocti. You can try to live without a filter for a  
>> while, and you can compare the results from the Summicron to see if  
>> it's worth it. I eventually did get a filter for it.
>> So, budget about $200 for filter, adapter rings and John Milich,  
>> and you should be set to start.
>> A short term solution for the 21 is the Cornerfix program, but it's  
>> a bit of a pain and the quality can drop a bit erratically.
>> If you have any further questions, fell free to ask.
>> Regards,
>> Henning
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