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Subject: Re: [Leica] Cost-effective R lenses
From: Ted <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 06:32:38 -0800
References: <>

> On Thu, 18 January 2001, "Greg Bicket" wrote:
> >
> > A terrible oversight has been committed!
> >
> > To leave the old Telyts off of a list of extraordinary-value-for-the-cost,
> > new or used, is just not right...the f5.6 400/560, and the f6.8 400/560
> > lenses produce fine images, and especially fine pictures for the buck.  Good
> > examples can be found today for a reasonable few hundred U$.
> >
> Doug Herr wrote:

> I wasn't going to mention them until I had complete control of the market :)
> Absolutely true, they're excellent optics at bargain prices.  I've even known some LUGgers to use 'em to make marketable pictures when "everybody" knows that AF and IS are "must have"
> technology.<<<<<<<

One of the sorriest days of trading in lenses, of course learning it after the fact, was the day I traded my 400 mm and 560 mm 6.8 lenses. An extremely sorry day if you have never had the good
fortune to use them. Hell I'll take a 400 6.8 over an auto focus 400 any day for speed of focusing.

Excellent images from them, light in hand and fast to use. More important they could be a very economical high seller instead of having to pop many thousands for the equivalent 400 or 560. If Leica
have completely discontinued them, then all that points up once again is the failure of their marketing people to understand marketing. And to some degree I don't think any of them managed to get out
of grade school for talent of selling the gear.

However, any of you R users who'd like to have a damn fine long lens and find a 400 6.8 available, just buy it without hesitation as you shouldn't ever regret it.

ted Grant

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