Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/05/03

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Decision : Help
From: Rick Dykstra <>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 23:12:07 +1000

Sarawoot Chittratanawat wrote:
> 1) I think I will get the M6TTL 0.72 because I read the spec and found M6TTL
> 0.85 requires additional viewfinder for 28mm focal length.  Since I prefer
> the wide-angle rather than tele, the 0.72 will fit my need. 

Good choice, and it works just fine with longer lenses if you get some
> 2) What lens should I get? First I wanted to get the normal focal length
> (50mm) but then I read the archieves and found many people suggest to get
> 35mm instead.

Either a 35/2 aspherical or 35/1.4 aspherical will make you very happy. 
The 1.4 will make you much poorer, but will compensate with the ability
to make lovely pictures in, say, a naturally lit lounge room, at for
instance, a family gathering.  The extra stop is very useful, but it
does depend on what speed films you like to use.  I generally use 100
speed and so find the 1.4 to be great.

A 50/2 will also make you very happy.  Your pictures will be a little
more intimate, clear as a bell, just not so good in low light (the
indoors situation).  Because you will want to use it at the limit, more
of your pictures will show camera shake, say, taken at a 1/15th when a
30th would have been better.  

The 50/2 is a small lens.  Do you really need the compactness of the
2.8, which is collapsable?

Lucky you, to be choosing between these wonderful lenses.  Enjoy the selection!


Rick Dykstra