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Subject: Re: Re: [Leica] PhotoPerWeek
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 08:20:06 -0400

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>From: Bernard <>
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Love/Hate -  PhotoPerWeek Club
>BOB KRAMER wrote:
>> The kind of rank amateurs that look for the sensational, so they can
>> dash back to their suburban enclave communities and say to their buds,
>> Billy Bob, check out their freaks in downtown Atlanta I saw!".  Or the
>> photography students taking the same old tired homeless dude photos.
>And your intentions are of course very very different for showing those
folks to
>this here group of wealthy individuals? :-)

Absolutely, Bernard!  My intentions are WAY different.  Perhaps my
photographs reflect this intent; perhaps they don't.  I think they *do*
reflect the difference, but opinions can certainly vary.  I post these
images to this list becuase I think they do in a sense transcend the "cheap
shot" of someone different than you that you want to ridicule to you friends
back home.  This neighborhood *is* my home, and I try to photograph it with
respect and care.  Over the coming weeks, I will let you decide how well I

I will say my main message with my photographs that I will be posting once a
week to this diverse group of Leica owners -- some wealthy, some not (the
reason I don't have a 35mm 'lux ain't becuase I don't want one) -- is to
quit argueing about whose lens can beat up whose lens and go out and USE
your cameras!   For whatever type of photography you enjoy.  With whatever
pieces of equipment you need and /or can afford.

>I like it, but I like the alternative considerably better! The alternative
is a
>really good picture in my book.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photo.  It should go without saying that posting a
photo a week will result in some images being better then others, to put it
kindly!  But IMO not enough people use their cameras or show us their work,
so I am going to go way out on a limb here and step up to the plate with

Bob Kramer
Atlanta, GA