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Subject: [Leica] thank you all
From: tmanley at (Tina Manley)
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 18:20:55 -0500
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Absolutely!!  Physical therapy, physical therapy, physical therapy!   Do
what they tell you to and do it when they tell you to.  Rest when you need

My knee replacements, probably 20 years ago by now??, are still doing
great.  It's the best medical thing I've ever done.  Right ahead of
cataract surgery.

I hope Victoria has as quick and complete a recovery as I did!!


On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 12:14 PM Don Dory via LUG <lug at>

> I must say that the instrument and soft goods counts are rather important.
> I was involved with a legal matter with a surgeon that left a surgical
> towel inside a friend.  Infections were a serious problem until another
> physician noticed the towel on a diagnostic test.
> You should be in a diminishing concern state from this point onward as
> Victoria recovers.  I hope she has a good pain tolerance as the
> initial rehabilitation workouts are not pleasurable.
> I would have a chat with Tina as her knee replacements would be similar in
> recovery although hers were at a considerably younger age.
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 9:38 AM Brian Reid <reid at>
> wrote:
> > Bill, thank you for keeping LUGgers informed of my wife's accident and
> > thanks to all of you for your good wishes and flower pictures.
> >
> > I must spend the day today seeing to the rental of a medical bed, a
> > wheelchair, a walker, and other such "durable medical goods" that we
> > will need for her convalescence. The layout of this house is such that
> > she will need to sleep in the living room while she requires the
> > motorized bed.
> >
> > I've had family hospitalized before, but this experience was the worst
> > because I was completely cut off from her. The hospital would not let me
> > in the door, and was not able to provide me with any information about
> > her status. No telephone contact, no email, no text messages. Her
> > surgery was re-scheduled 3 times, but I was never notified. Brutal.
> >
> > I eventually found the location inside the hospital's online
> > patient-tracking system in which the doctors filed their notes, and was
> > able to follow what was happening by reading those notes. It takes a
> > certain amount of determination to read the notes of an orthopedic
> > surgeon documenting the use of drills and saws and hammers on your
> > unconscious spouse.
> >
> > My favorite entry from the surgeon's notes was "Instrument, sponge, and
> > needle counts were correct prior to closure and at the conclusion of the
> > case." Nothing accidentally left inside.
> >
> > About 4 hours after the end of the procedure I was able to talk to
> > Victoria on the telephone very briefly, but it was enough to let me
> > sleep.
> >
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Tina Manley

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