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Subject: [Leica] [LRflex] Declining Camera production...
From: leica_r8 at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 19:33:50 -0800
References: <2019211185251.744855@Telyt>

When I am on a trip I pay attention to the types of cameras people are 
using.? This last two trips, Fall and Winter, I was surprised at what I 
saw.? Nikon has the lion's share, which is different from previous trips 
where Canon and Nikon were more or less equally represented.? But what 
really surprised me was that mirrorless cameras were very rare.? I had 
expected from all I read that they are taking over the world.? Not so at 
Albuquerque balloon fiesta or Yosemite in October or December.? Those 
that I did see were mainly Sony, but I even saw a few Fuji and Olympus. 
I saw quite a few more old film cameras out and about in Yosemite.? 
Pentax for the most part and a few Leica.

Overall, not at all what I was expecting.? It will be interesting to see 
this Spring if any of the Nikon or Canon mirrorless are to be spotted. 
Of course, the most common was the cell phone. Mediocrity wins all the 


On 2/11/2019 6:52 PM, David Young wrote:
>   From today's ...
>> The bottom line is very bad though. We are below 20 million units per
>> year and mirrorless cameras don't gain as much traction as you might
>> think (2% increase per year vs. 12% decrease in DSLR). For the first
>> time, interchangeable lens cameras surpassed the sales of compact
>> cameras (not surprising, to be honest). If you look at the entire decade
>> you see an unbelievable drop of 84% from 2010 to 2018 in the number of
>> cameras sold/made per year.
> For interest I dug up the numbers for the best year film cameras had.
> All I had to do was consult my "Brief History of Photography"  (cheap 
> plug!)  to find that 1997 was the biggest year for film camera production, 
> at 36.7 million units. However, I cannot find a breakdown to P&S vs SLR's 
> for that year.
> It seems total camera production was insanely boosted by the advent of 
> digita,l as 2010 peaked at 121 million units (including who-knows-how-many 
> P&S cameras).  From there, it has dropped to a mere 19 million units in 
> 2018.
> It's no wonder that cameras are rising in price, as the makers try to 
> concentrate on higher value mirrorless & dSLR models, to keep their income 
> up, as units slide.
> David.
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