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Subject: [Leica] Highlands PAW 28
From: john at (John McMaster)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 15:44:00 +0000
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Fine, you live in a city - we live literally on the edge of a cliff with 180 
degree sea views, we are in the middle of this farm which now takes up the 
central 90 degree view.  It is perfect darkness here at night, I expect each 
of the 86 turbines to have at least two lights (front and rear) each.  There 
are many inland wind farms and quite a few solar panels around (actually 
more than there were in the south of France ;-))....


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I am with Frank all the way. Looking at the first image, I really do not see 
what the fuss is about. And in NW Europe, with not much sunshine most of the 
year but lots of wind, this is the obvious solution. Similar discussions 
take place in Denmark, where a decision has now been made to concentrate on 
wind farms out in the North Sea because people bitch too much when they are 
put on land.


Nathan Wajsman

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> On 16 Jul 2018, at 17:29, FRANK DERNIE via LUG <lug at> 
> wrote:
> I appreciate you not liking them, I am not keen myself, but there are 2 
> overriding reasons to site wind farms off shore, wind consistency and the 
> ability to deploy machines which are much larger than could be moved into 
> place on land.In parts of the Pyrenees there are small wind turbines on 
> every ridge as far as the eye can see but they are the biggest they can 
> get in place. It is hideous and IMO much worse than I am seeing in your 
> pictures.Seems a shame to mar the beautiful Scottish coastline a bit but 
> people demand more and more energy. There are not only more of us people 
> but the energy use per person in modern life must be many times what it 
> was 60 years ago.When I was a kid it was one bath a week, now it is 2 per 
> day in some households. Air conditioning didn't exist anywhere in the UK, 
> central heating was rare etc., etc.cheers,Frank D. 
>    On Monday, 16 July 2018, 11:52, John McMaster <john at> 
> wrote:
> I am enjoying my view while I can....  In the first shot you can see the 
> bases for wind turbines on the horizon to the left, the second shot 
> (nearly a 1:1 crop) show the first tower and turbines fitted.  In a year 
> or so there will be nearly 90 of them (+160m tall) straight out in front 
> of our house :(  Yes this is NIMBYism, but there are vast tracts of 
> suitable land inland here where people do not go or see them.....
> C & C welcome
> john
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