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Subject: [Leica] Nikon mirrorless
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2018 02:49:53 -0400
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Or you guys could do a few simple Google or Bing searches and find out that 
despite the earthquake Nikon is doing well as is Canon as are DSLRs. The 
only thing not doing well is compact cameras.
Cameras That Captured Winning Shots in World Press Photo 2017 went mostly to 
people using Canon DSLRs with Nikon following. One went to a guy shooting a 
Leica M digital!
" In terms of camera system used, DSLR cameras were behind 88.8% of the 
winners, mirrorless cameras had 5.55%,"
While camera enthusiasts on chat lists put out the imperative of switching 
to mirrorless and Sony before it's too late top photojournalists continue 
doing what they've been doing for  close to two decades now. Shooting full 
frame DSLRs made by Canon and Nikon.
Sony not on the list at all. Though "Fujifilm" and Pentax had a small 

A very small to no showing on less than full frame shots.
Zero on the 4/3rds that I could make out.
One on medium format digital with a Pentax!
And I could not find the mirrorless though the thing says "5.55%,"
Which means out of a hundred cameras five and half were mirrorless.

Photojournalists are the people who shoot for the news. If you read the Lug 
a popular recurring thread is they don?t exist anymore.  It's all being done 
with iPhones. 



Mark William Rabiner

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    > Le 5 juil. 2018 ? 18:35, chris williams via LUG <lug at> a ?crit :
    > The pro Canon users I know are now using Sony. The Nikon users are now 
using Fuji (like me).
    > Adapters are a bandaid but won?t be a long term solution.
    > Chris Williams
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