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Subject: [Leica] Was Need printing paper advice, Now NUDITY TINA.
From: imra at (Douglas Barry)
Date: Mon, 7 May 2018 22:14:39 +0100
References: <> <002d01d3e61f$9d660580$d8321080$@ca> <>

There I was thinking all these perverts - in the camera club of Tina's 
oppobrium - who allegedly get their cheap jollies by eyeballing 
lubricious nudes, were in St. Petersburg, Florida - obviously a home 
from home for pulsating DOMs (that's dirty old men, folks), and, in the 
spirit of unbiased investigation, I clicked on the link provided by Tina 
in the somewhat salaciously altered from "Re: [Leica] Was Need printing 
paper advice" to "ditto, Now NUDITY TINA" with a suitably boggled mind.

I was shocked to discover that the St. Petersburg was not in Florida, 
but was in fact the old Leningrad in the USSR. Yes! That's Russia, and 
thus was, more than likely, part of Putin's trollery programme against 
the West. Of course, the current POTUS may disagree with me, as 
apparently in his eyes, Vlad is great, fantastic, awesome, tremendous, 
terrific, and a real leader, whereas, for me, by clicking on Tina's 
link, I may have exposed my underpants' size to the FSB. My threat of 
immediate death for broken silence to my bespoke underpants tailor is 
now rendered useless, and I'm powerless against the machinations of 
Putin the Great. I suspect within weeks I will be reduced to a squeak as 
the FSB, by devious computer manipulation, alter my accommodation 
requirements in the underclothing department.

I'll blame you, Tina...


On 07/05/2018 19:19, Tina Manley via LUG wrote:
> Thanks, Ted.  I know you never photographed nudes!  Irene had something to
> do with that, I'm sure ;-)  Tom knows my opinion of pornographic photos but
> even he jokes sometimes that I could make more money doing "erotic" photos
> and has volunteered to recruit models.  (NO!!  He knows his life would be
> in danger!)
> As the only regular female contributor to the LUG, I feel a responsibility
> to stand up against the trend on OTHER sites (not the LUG) of taking
> advantage of young girls by "dirty old men" with cameras.  I skip such
> sites and block them whenever I can but that doesn't help the young girls
> who are being taken advantage of.  Speaking up for them might help them to
> realize that their bodies are their own and to be valued instead of
> merchandized.
> This is a site on FB that I have blocked.  It's premise and statement have
> nothing at all to do with the photos that are posted.
> This is the kind of salacious photography I am talking about.
> Most of the nude photography that has been posted on the LUG falls into the
> "art" category and I appreciate that.  It's wonderful for a family to visit
> an art gallery and admire beautiful depictions of the human body.  It's not
> fine for a family to look over Uncle Randy's shoulder as he peruses
> pornographic websites.  That's the difference for this LUG family member.
> Thanks, Brian.
> Tina
> On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 12:22 PM, Ted Grant via LUG <lug at>
> wrote:
>> Hi Tina,
>> I agree with you absolutely! I many many years ago tried to shoot a nude 
>> or
>> two! But I was always freaked out about doing them that I'd get in real
>> trouble with my wife Irene. On top of that "my art photos" were about as
>> interesting as a pile of bricks!
>> Actually I think a pile of bricks would've been more interesting and
>> exciting. :-) So I stuck to war, sports and the world over enjoying myself
>> as you know! :-)
>> cheers,
>> Dr. ted  :-)
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>> Subject: [Leica] Was Need printing paper advice, Now NUDITY
>> From: Tina Manley <tmanley at>
>> Date: Sun, May 6, 2018 at 9:54 PM
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Need printing paper advice
>> To: Leica Users Group <lug at>
>> I'll claim a "Me, too" here and say that I do not appreciate any nudes
>> which appear to take advantage of unwitting females for the sole purpose 
>> of
>> exposing their bodies salaciously.  Gratuitous nakedness for the purpose 
>> of
>> arousal of one sex at the expense of the other, but claiming to be art,
>> offends me.
>> That said, I appreciate nudity as art, but not as pornography.  Most of 
>> the
>> nude photography I have seen on the internet falls under the category of
>> "old, rich man with cameras taking advantage of poor, young girls with no
>> clothes who think they will be famous models."  On Facebook, the St.
>> Petersburg Photographic Society photos are almost entirely in that
>> category.  I find them very offensive and demeaning to women.
>> If the nudity is labeled as such, I will view it and make my own decisions
>> as to whether or not to view more by that photographer. I do defend their
>> right to post the photos and do not approve of censorship.
>> Tina
>> On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 4:36 PM, Ken Carney <kcarney1 at> wrote:
>>> Richard,
>>> I have had very good results with the Epson Velvet Fine Art for a matte
>>> paper, and Ilford Gold Mono Silk for glossy b&w (no idea why a particular
>>> paper would be better for b&w, but I like it).  Another excellent matte
>>> paper is Hahnemuhle Torchon or most any of the Hahnemuhle papers for that
>>> matter.  The photo ink line on my Epson 3880 failed, so I've been
>>> revisiting the matte papers.  I'll order a new P800 anyway, but it has
>> been
>>> an eye-opener after printing only on gloss papers the last several years.
>>> Speaking of nudes, many years ago I joined a local photography club and
>> it
>>> had a "competition" night.  In the spirit of things, I entered a b&w nude
>>> from a class with Cole Weston.  I was given one point out of five because
>>> "nudes are not an appropriate subject for a photo club".  In retrospect,
>>> they were pretty awful.
>>> Ken
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