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Subject: [Leica] Experimenting with the iPhone
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 18:39:54 -0500
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My largest print sale was an 11x14 b&w silver print, for $1,000.  I felt 
pretty good about it, almost like a vindication of my time and cost 
learning photography.  That was in retrospect, as I actually don't 
remember that much of the event.  it was a sale at a charity auction 
with an open bar, toward the end of the auction.  The purchaser is a 
very well-known art collector, and when it was hammered down she 
collapsed and was carried out.  I presume emotions overcame her after 
scoring a purchase like that.


On 9/20/2016 3:41 PM, George Lottermoser wrote:
>> On Sep 20, 2016, at 3:20 PM, Mark Rabiner <mark at> 
>> wrote:
>> Well I actually never have either old a print from the Lug Gallery or a
>> Facebook gallery. But my body of work grows as I get older and I ain't 
>> dead
>> yet.   I have in my life sold prints to collectors and had shows in
>> galleries.
> Yes. I too have sold prints to collectors; had one man shows in galleries; 
> participated in group shows; and curated and judged museum shows.
> In FACT my most recent ?art print? sale did actually come from someone 
> seeing a screen image on Facebook.
> It was one of my IR photographs with the M8;
> another camera which you?ve expressed disdain for.
> ;~)
> As far as I?m concerned collectors will purchase for what ever reasons;
> and not be limited by what they imagine the camera may have to do with it.
> I?ve sold SX70 polaroid prints; both straight and manipulated.
> I?ve sold 4x5 and 8x10 polaroid prints.
> I?ve sold silver prints, inkjet prints, RC prints, silkscreen prints, 
> stone litho prints, prints from engraved metal and wood blocks; mono 
> prints; and I have no doubt if someone loved an image of mine made with an 
> iPhone that I could produce a gorgeous print from the file. It will of 
> course have the ?look? of the tools used in the making; just like all the 
> technologies which have preceded the current technology: whether 
> ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, collodion prints, tintypes, the 1960s prints 
> from extremely grainy 35 mm negatives which many loved and bought, the 
> gorgeous  12x20 contact print that currently hangs in my living room, and 
> two other living rooms of ?my collectors?? that?s what I love about 
> photography? no limits? however small? however large? however 
> ?alternative?? it all speaks to me? as long as the creator has something 
> interesting to say - visually and with a serious interest in aesthetics.
> fond regards,
> George
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