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Subject: [Leica] "I'm gong out to shoot some street."
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 16:01:49 -0700
References: <000001d211dc$acd2a910$0677fb30$@ca> <>

>>>>Imagine if you saw your name somewhere and it said "Ted Grant one of the
great street shooters of the 20th century" I'd love to see your face when
you saw that. I think its more possible than impossible that it will
No Mark my friend, you really would want to see the face of the idiot who
wrote it! :-( An image moment never to be forgotten. Certainly as I held him
butt end into the Bull  stock yard and all the bulls in heat! I can be very
vicious when necessary!! :-( There are ways to deal with some fools & morons
as an unforgotten experience?? :-(
>>>I'd been shooting decades before I ever heard the phrase "street
photography" and I don't miss much on the photo end of things.
I'm pissed because all these guys being held up as examples of the great
street shooters it's  just not the truth. And I think the truth is
It seems to be a roll I'm on.<<<<

Mark, relax, you are in a no win situation due to the communication
complications of today, along with many of the teaching or magazine writers
with not one wit of "real life photographic experience!" between them! 
All many do, is pass on the "BS" of the writer fools they're following,
repeating the same verbal garbage!
Look! We came through what is considered by many as the best time for
photography & shooters the world has ever known!
The common sense part says? No matter how miserable we may feel about
photography etc? No matter we may bitch, complain, point out the idiocies of
today's photographers and the ways of the day?
One must just roll over, don't complain as it accomplishes nothing, but have
the "young ones of today?" See us as a bunch of whining old SOB
neandrathals! Best we sit back, relax and truthfully know we came through
the most fantastic times of being involved ever in photography!
Relax! Go have a nice Scotch or two and you'll feel better! Me? I'm taking
my own advice and going to pour a we nip for myself and relax out on my back
deck in the pleasant afternoon sunshine! :-) :-) :-)
CHEERS! my dear friend of a whole bunch of years! Man we do go back along
way when we first met face to face in the airport. When I was invited over
your side of the border as a guest speaker for  a seminar! Hey we were still
young guys at that time in Seattle! :-) 

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