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Subject: [Leica] BIG new Leica
From: imra at (Douglas Barry)
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2015 21:39:08 -0000
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Maybe you could do just that with your Leica too?

For too long, the dormant genius of Mark William Rabiner - and we know that 
you have taken great images in the past - has been clouded by his only 
emerging at night to take flash snaps of flowers, while the streets of NY 
are heaving with stories just waiting to be told in a visual way. People 
surge like rivers through streets and alleys of the Big Apple hiding loss, 
lack of love, infirmity, poverty, and the myriad other vicissitudes of this 
great big face slapping life.

Get out there and take those images, show us those stories. Have us yowl 
with empathy. So, take your fingers away from your keyboard, and place them 
in the bright morning around a camera - if not a Leica then any camera - on 
those heaving moving restless streets of humanity until inspiration returns. 
We need to be stunned by your images, not bored shitless with your typing.



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> Is it me or wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to actually post a shot
> which I took recently with a camera having just stated that I still use?
> And maybe put down the date with some other nice tech info?
> I do think there's a difference between still owning a camera and still
> using one.
> It's mainly just a cut and paste of a URL which makes it not just words.
> On 10/25/15 1:35 PM, "Gene Duprey" <geneduprey2015 at> wrote:
>> I still use my M8, and it has had ZERO issues, going one 8 years?  It's
>> the
> same old story that you continue to harp on Mark, but then you have
>> never
> used one.  Try one you just may like it.
> Gene
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