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Subject: [Leica] BIG new Leica
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015 18:08:39 -0400

The M8 was one disaster after another almost weekly new issues and was
looked upon by the entire photo community was awe and dismay as the bad news
kept coming in  it like no camera anyone ever heard of.  It way out Edseled
the Edsel.  Yet it did keep Leica in the lens selling business new lenses
and paved the way for the almost commercially viable M9  (largely ignored by
pros) and at least was not an embarrassment which paved the way for the
completely commercially viable M out now.. But by then though all the
serious Leica shooters had gone DSLR and were not in a hurry to invest in
seven grand bodies with six grand glass which required more than one body as
at least of them is going to be in a far off shop for not a short time.

For Leica to have gotten its very first digital attempt right and seamlessly
jumped right into the digital camera business would have been much more
interesting and unlikely news. It was a huge leap for Leica to make and
guess what it didn't make it all that wonderfully and instantly.
And I dare to disparage the M8!  If somebody wants to read positive stuff on
the M8 they're going to have to read it here became they're not going to
find it anywhere else. Its a blooper the modern Leica company would love to
forget. And please tell us about how you're using it for infra red.
I think the die hards all but one or two have been stuck with the fact that
their camera have locked up and died and its a lesson hopefully well
learned. Be careful about buying first outs from companies who have close to
zero experience in a new burgeoning technology but plenty of experience in
the opposite.
Had the camera been successful it would have been a minor modern miracle.
With a little luck it would have had a few less issues. But that luck with
not to be found that time round.

On 10/24/15 5:46 PM, "Doug Herr" <wildlightphoto at> wrote:

> Mark Rabiner wrote:
>> ...
>> I remain the only person on any photo list who gets is opinions thrown 
>> back
>> at him if he doesn't have a notarized receipt of the item at hand. It 
>> makes
>> me feel very special. I've notice the most I get in trouble on this list 
>> is
>> when I say something positive about a Leica product.
> It's also when you say something negative about something you've never 
> used,
> Leica or otherwise.  Do you recall the M8?
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento
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Mark William Rabiner

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