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Subject: [Leica] Barnack Award
From: nwajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015 08:58:30 +0200
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Tell us how you really feel, Ted ;-)

But yes: as is the case with much art photography today (as opposed to other 
modern art which I enjoy exploring), it is very much a case of Emperor?s New 


Nathan Wajsman

Alicante, Spain



> On 11 Jul 2015, at 08:13, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> wrote:
> Howard my dear friend,
> You couldn't have said it better! Oh sorry yes it could've been. ;-)  But 
> I truly believe the administrator would've been mighty upset at the 
> descriptive force of the language!   :-)
> The other major point here is? The absolute dumb ass "so called judges" 
> who selected these questionable images must be the most dead brained 
> morons on Planet Earth! Whether they work for the LEICA CORPORATION OR NOT!
> cheers,
> Dr ted Grant  
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> Behalf Of Howard Ritter
> Sent: July-10-15 7:46 PM
> To: Leica Users Group
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Barnack Award
> No compositional technique
> No technical accomplishment
> No interesting situations or contexts
> No pleasing juxtapositions of elements, colors
> No dynamism (OK, once maybe)
> No decisive moment
> No personal insight or revelations re subjects
> Overwrought art-appreciation 101 interpretive comments and interview 
> responses
> Hyperbolic characterization of the nature of the series 
> ?Truth of an undisguised moment?? No, just artless snapshots (not 
> ?snapshot-like?, but actual snapshots!) of passers-by on bikes and scooters
> Standing in ankle-deep water? Oh, the humanity!
> For heaven?s sake, these are FLASH SNAPS OF PASSING PEOPLE ON BIKES IN THE 
> RAIN AT NIGHT! Now, that would have been an honest title! The only thing 
> even moderately interesting is that they were taken by a young Polish 
> woman in China who had the nerve (and rudeness) to ambush wet, 
> inconvenienced, and annoyed people with a flash camera, without the 
> language skills to ask permission or explain herself. That kind of 
> ?interesting? is probably not something that Oskar would like to have 
> given his honorific to.
> ?howard
>> On Jul 10, 2015, at 2:56 PM, Tina Manley <tmanley at> wrote:
>> "Her snapshot-like images speak of the truth of an undisguised moment."
>> Opinions?
>> Tina
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>> Tina Manley
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