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Subject: [Leica] The Q Leica
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 12:59:22 -0400

Ted! Right now I'm feeling quite bad about some of the crap I've been
shooting with. This new glass will end that. It already started.
I feel that with my new full set of 1.8 glass I'll have a new more positive
attitude that might make me get out and scrounge up some work.
If that works out to be true than in effect the lenses did come with jobs
included . Rolled up like when the Wizard of Oz gave the Tin Man a Diploma
(which was not in the original book.)
All 1.8's. All optimized for digital. All look and work identically.

On 6/13/15 12:46 PM, "Ted Grant" <tedgrant at> wrote:

> I have only one question regarding all this chatter about cameras and new
> models???????????
> "Oh gee, really? "  ;-)
> Cheers,
> ted
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] The Q Leica
> I still have more than a full set of Leica M glass and no I've not used 
> them
> in awhile. Leica is coming out with some excellent products to use the with
> the new Monochrom and the full color M with the serial number after it but
> me swinging seven grand for one of those bodies is  a wish which may never
> happen. I've never had a car which cost half that much.
> I don't really think of course the Sony's are junk despite being very here
> today gone tomorrow they cost 5 grand are gorgeous and are admiringly
> innovative. Its an exciting company Sony. And I forgot to mention 
> admiringly
> compact. But a mirrorless camera and I'd love to see the figures on how 
> many
> pros have embraced mirrorless camera bodies. I really don't know but I'd 
> not
> be surprised if they couldn't  find a reason to stop shooting with the
> amazing DSLR's they're already using so they could old their camera away
> from their face and have used perhaps like myself for many decades. Were
> they broke and the mirrorless fixed them? I'm thinking no and the 
> mirrorless
> is aimed more at rich camera aficionados though possessing powers of
> adaptability. Few people have such a negative view of Nikon that you have 
> to
> have to go looking far and  wide for innovative ways to not use them to use
> their unsupported SLR glass.
> Right now I'm into collecting  new, cutting edge but not expensive f1.8
> prosumer glass from nikon I'm getting the 85 next week I  have the 35 and 
> 50
> now and later in the year before next year the 28 and the 20. Despite being
> prosumer as in plastic the 85 has the better specs than the 1.4 and the two
> other 85mm offerings from the company. So I don't need respect I need
> lightweight compact results that I can afford as around 500 bucks a pop..
> Both the 50 and then now the 35 have blown my work away I had no idea I
> could get such a boost of quality in my work from a more cutting edge 
> modern
> designed for digital optic even if priced moderately.
> There are times when my back goes out or something else goes out and I
> whished I had less of a ten ton body to shoot with other than the D700 I
> have now. I'm aware of new nikon bodies way lighter and a bit more compact
> and am aware that Sony is amazingly compact but I don't switch camera
> systems because they are behind in some aspect. They catch up soon enough.
> A Leica Q would take a load off my daily weight as I am never without a
> camera and that camera with lens is heavy. I'll be getting a new 28 later 
> on
> this year I'm interested to see how the focal length grabs me as I'll use 
> it
> exclusively till I get enough cash for the 20.
> On 6/13/15 7:52 AM, "Doug Herr" <wildlightphoto at> wrote:
>> Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>> The Q Leica in the past 48 hours has been a major smash in all the major
>>> photo web sources with numerous in depth reviews and opinions on a real
>>> milestone event in he photo industry on the LUG the focus on the Q Leica
>>> thread seems to be "I cant wait to see what the EVF and focus peaking  is
>>> going to look like on the new Sony mirrorless piece of junk whatever and
>>> whenever that might be".
>> Mark, since the Q doesn't allow changing lenses it isn't useful to me.
>> Neither is it useful to those who want to use their Leica rangefinder
> lenses
>> on a digital camera.  Sony's a7-series cameras are one of several ways
>> (including one of the several digital Leica M bodies) one might use
>> rangefinder lenses; the Nikons you frequently praise on this list are not.
>> As I have mentioned on a few other forums a Q with interchangeable lenses
> and
>> an adapter to use R lenses would open my checkbook.  As I figure it using
> my
>> lenses on a 'piece of junk' that I can afford to purchase and maintain
> beats
>> not using them. 
>> How are you using your M lenses?
>> Doug Herr
>> Birdman of Sacramento
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Mark William Rabiner

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