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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Friday Flower
From: kanner at (Herbert Kanner)
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:28:59 -0700
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Good point, Sonny. Just what I did with my M9 and 35mm lens, but, alas, 
Leica has had my camera with messed up sensor since December and I?ve not 
heard a thing.

Herbert Kanner
kanner at

Question authority and the authorities will question you.

> On Mar 13, 2015, at 5:11 AM, Sonny Carter <sonc.hegr at> wrote:
> Just turn off the flash, don't use macro.  Set the camera up at home and 
> shoot it the same way all the time and don't mess with the menus outside. 
> I've been shooting Friday Flowers for years and NEVER used macro mode.  
> Shoot wider and crop.
> As that crazy Canadian says KISS.
> from my iPad
> Sonny Carter
>> On Mar 13, 2015, at 1:12 AM, Herbert Kanner <kanner at> wrote:
>> <>
>> In a way, this is cheating. The flower did not come from my backyard. It 
>> did not come from a neighbor?s garden; it came from a neighborhood 
>> grocery store. These flowers, displayed for modesale, are a minor 
>> challenge: it is hard to find one not so thoroughly and tightly packed 
>> with neighbors that a single flower is hard to shoot.
>> Anyway, I was just trying out manual focusing with peaking and am 
>> disappointed with the result. In addition, I?m getting really pissed off 
>> with that Japanese junk?referring to the firmware, not to the physical 
>> camera, which in general has been superb. Example: I wanted to use Macro. 
>> Well there is a mode called ?silent? which suppresses flash, the speaker 
>> which gives various toots, yaps, and simulated shutter clicks, flash, 
>> focus assist light, and for some reason that defies explanation, macro 
>> mode. So, I first have to hold down one button for ten seconds to unlock 
>> a lock (not ever mentioned in the manual), which unlocking permits me to 
>> hold down another button for another ten seconds to disable silent 
>> mode!!! Then I can set macro mode and take the picture. 
>> Well reversing this little action proved next to impossible. No matter 
>> what I did, the toggle between optical and electronic viewfinders did not 
>> work, and the display in the viewfinders was incomplete. I have set it to 
>> show battery status, focus distance and depth of field shown graphically, 
>> and the usual: shutter speed f number, exposure compensation, ISO, and 
>> the focus rectangle. And the lever on the front should toggle between EVF 
>> and OVF. After interminable minutes of fooling around I decided the 
>> quickest thing was to do a reset of the shooting menu and then set it up 
>> from scratch?this is not too bad because once I set RAW, many of the 
>> defaults are either what I want or are irrelevant. Mainly, I have to set 
>> check marks on boxes for what I want to show in the two finders. It took 
>> me a while to realize that this was really the fastest way to restore it 
>> to be a working camera. JAPANESE JUNK. Just what idiot specified this 
>> interface?????
>> Cheers, y?all
>> HerbBoe
>> Herbert Kanner
>> kanner at
>> 650-326-8204
>> Question authority and the authorities will question you.
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