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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Friday Flower
From: sonc.hegr at (Sonny Carter)
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 07:11:49 -0500
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Just turn off the flash, don't use macro.  Set the camera up at home and 
shoot it the same way all the time and don't mess with the menus outside. 

I've been shooting Friday Flowers for years and NEVER used macro mode.  
Shoot wider and crop.

As that crazy Canadian says KISS.

from my iPad

Sonny Carter

> On Mar 13, 2015, at 1:12 AM, Herbert Kanner <kanner at> wrote:
> <>
> In a way, this is cheating. The flower did not come from my backyard. It 
> did not come from a neighbor?s garden; it came from a neighborhood grocery 
> store. These flowers, displayed for modesale, are a minor challenge: it is 
> hard to find one not so thoroughly and tightly packed with neighbors that 
> a single flower is hard to shoot.
> Anyway, I was just trying out manual focusing with peaking and am 
> disappointed with the result. In addition, I?m getting really pissed off 
> with that Japanese junk?referring to the firmware, not to the physical 
> camera, which in general has been superb. Example: I wanted to use Macro. 
> Well there is a mode called ?silent? which suppresses flash, the speaker 
> which gives various toots, yaps, and simulated shutter clicks, flash, 
> focus assist light, and for some reason that defies explanation, macro 
> mode. So, I first have to hold down one button for ten seconds to unlock a 
> lock (not ever mentioned in the manual), which unlocking permits me to 
> hold down another button for another ten seconds to disable silent mode!!! 
> Then I can set macro mode and take the picture. 
> Well reversing this little action proved next to impossible. No matter 
> what I did, the toggle between optical and electronic viewfinders did not 
> work, and the display in the viewfinders was incomplete. I have set it to 
> show battery status, focus distance and depth of field shown graphically, 
> and the usual: shutter speed f number, exposure compensation, ISO, and the 
> focus rectangle. And the lever on the front should toggle between EVF and 
> OVF. After interminable minutes of fooling around I decided the quickest 
> thing was to do a reset of the shooting menu and then set it up from 
> scratch?this is not too bad because once I set RAW, many of the defaults 
> are either what I want or are irrelevant. Mainly, I have to set check 
> marks on boxes for what I want to show in the two finders. It took me a 
> while to realize that this was really the fastest way to restore it to be 
> a working camera. JAPANESE JUNK. Just what idiot specified this 
> interface?????
> Cheers, y?all
> HerbBoe
> Herbert Kanner
> kanner at
> 650-326-8204
> Question authority and the authorities will question you.
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