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Subject: [Leica] Monochrom metadata and uncoded lenses
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 10:52:06 -0800
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HI Nathan,

Yes I'm sure I may have done some of that. But without question because in 
my case even though having a regular job. Every other minute I was out 
shooting all kinds of stuff. In many cases during the "long days of summer 
with light at dawn I was out looking for picture moments until it was time 
for my regular job. Camera still with me there were all kinds of picture 
moments in and about Ottawa until sunset and after! J


Mine was a week long class room. Some weeks I'd shoot 20 or more rolls a 
week. Out shooting until darkness before I'd return home. Then soup all the 
film exposed that day. Make contact proof sheets of all the film from the 
previous days photo adventures. Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday I was at 
the local dirt track speedway shooting stock car racing. Irene would sit on 
the hood of the car parked in the pits watching the race from there. And on 
occasion would sell 8X10 b&W prints for a dollar to crew members from other 
pit crews. And we'd go home with $50.oo dollars or more in our pockets! AND 


I wasnt' a "roll of film a week shooter!" I would buy 100' rolls of tri-x 
and load my own cassettes!  It could be 10 rolls a day or more shooting! My 
introduction was like walking into a  big class room and shoot, shoot day 
after day. Other photo buddies where always writing stuff down. ME?? I 
learned by doing so much shooting because so much of it just came naturally 
without a lot of writing and reading. Or if you read something in a magazine 
and there was time immediately to try it?  I was out the door on a new 
learning adventure trying whatever the new stuff was. Obviously lots of the 
nonsensical stuff I never bothered with. 


Learning portrait lighting my children were still in high chairs. So that's 
where they were against blank cream white wall while I learned what all 
kinds of portrait lighting effects were and practiced. And yes (un-willing 
at times) Irene sat in as an adult model.


It was a truly "WE LEARN BY DOING!!!!!!)  Not just reading and writing 
notes! J And a few snaps once in awhile. Irene at times would say "SHE WAS A 
PHOTO WIDOW!" J But all that paid off in later years!





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Ted, when I was learning photography back in the mid-80s, I did write down 
exposure data. When you are learning, it can be useful to keep track of 
aperture and shutter speed, so as to better understand the effect of 
aperture on depth of field, for example, or shutter speed vs. motion blur. 
Today, our digital cameras record this info automatically; I doubt that it 
adds more than ?0.10 to the cost of any camera.





Nathan Wajsman


Alicante, Spain




















> On 14 Feb 2015, at 18:45, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> wrote:



> Subject: Re: [Leica] Monochrom metadata and uncoded lenses


>>> The camera measures the difference between the light coming through the

> lens onto the exposure meter cells and the light impinging on the little

> frosted plastic window on front of the camera. It calculates from the

> difference what the aperture value must be. It is not spot on but good

> enough for record keeping.

> Frank D.<<<<



> HI Frank

> Please accept this question not as some "smart-ass question from a

> non-technical photographer?"


> But please explain in common-man's language  "what does much of this

> actually do for the quality of the photo content?" I read about this stuff,

> then look at some of the captured images with some of these so called 
> wonder

> cameras  compared to those out of an M3--M5 --M6 and my immediate re-action



> If long before all this new fangled whiz-bang "COSTLY MANUFACTURING CAME IN

> VOGUE?" Creating a double, nay a tripling in some cases of a Leica cost.

> Along with so much  other weird named stuff? 


> Many many people shot magnificent photo moments of incredible subjects and

> captured "LIFE TIME MOMENTS!". And some if not many? Are still doing so!


> This stuff we're talking about, does it really really make your photos rate

> being on the cover of "LIFE? LOOK" PARIS MATCH, DER SPEGIAL????? NATIONAL

> GEO?  If so then fair enough and I'll stop questioning all.


> However? If it does diddlysquat but get the "belly hairs on some scientific

> gizmo designer excited?" Certainly without obvious in the image content? 
> Why

> bother the buyers in doubling the cost of the cameras?


> If whatever they add on will make my photos jump off the pages of my new

> books? Fair enough, I'll shut up for ever! Now if ever there was a tough

> call about me and equipment ????????? I'll have to bite my tounge very 
> hard!

> :-(


> Thank you for your usual kind and understanding responses.


> cheers,

> ted





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