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Subject: [Leica] Almost a kiss REAL ATORY!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 17:41:53 -0800
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Jayanand offered:,
> Excellent! I would keep my distance and shoot such photographs with a
> telephoto, not being invisible! :-)<<<<<<

Hi Jayanand,
Sometimes that can be worse than a 35mm or 50mm!  In a busy area lots of
people and you're not far away from a subject when shooting and they see
you. Often they don't bother with you because you are close and in close
sight! So they don't see any negative factors. 

Or.... Because you are farther away somewhat in the crowd? Longer sneaky
looking lens? The subject response can be bad thinking?

.."Sneaky guy over there? What's he taking my picture for??"  And WHAM BAM!
You have some guy two feet in front of your lens and an ugly expression of
questioning on his face? Unfortunately he's usually much bigger than you!
And that my friend leaves you "Looking meekly upward hoping he doesn't punch
you out before you explain why yer taking pictures of his "BEAUTIFUL WIFE?"
Or what or whomever? 

If you are shooting with a less threatening looking lens and camera? ....
YOU DO NOT LOOK LIKE SOME SPY GUY? Or worse? Trust me been there and
challenged on occasions.

Best answer? Smile or have a nice non-threatening expression and why you are
taking her/their pictures and for whomever you are shooting for? Don't get
lippy or bad mouthing as absolutely nothing is gained! Other
than??????????????? "You might get punched out!"

And if that should occur? WITHOUT HESITATION NOR FEAR? And if you have an M
camera in hand? Swing it quickly on neck strap with great force at the side
of your assailants head! He won't take another swing at you!

Don't worry about the camera as an M is well built and can be used as a
deterrent in this fashion most effectively! Those of you who've bought a
BIO-copy of "TED GRANT SIXTY Years of Legendary Photojournalism!" Will find
a segment about me in a fight with three drunk cops at the end of a football
game when I lived in Ottawa. I used an M6 in just that swing and hit
fashion!  ....  I WON!!!!!! :-) A good read! :-)

Dr. ted 

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