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Subject: [Leica] Hip replacement JIM SHULMAN
From: jshulman at (Jim Shulman)
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 12:43:16 -0400
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Many thanks for the well-wishes.  However, I believe that Jim Hemenway had
his hip recently replaced, and is slowly on the mend, awaiting more
intensive physical therapy in April.

My hips are in amazing shape, considering how many times I've landed on my
ass over the years.

All best,

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Hi Jim,
Well me old son yep it's going to hurt for a bit as you work your way
through the various recovery stages.

Trust me?  Much of the exercising can be a tad bit of a grind, grip and
grin! The most important thing is?????? The hip has got to learn to "LIVE
WITH YOU! AND NOT YOU LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!" Don't give up on the work
outs and make every little movement a push back motion! Gently! IT WILL GO

Yep it's going to be annoying, but eventually that too will go away and
you'll be playing basket ball in the drive way hoop court! :-)

I'm just about 6 weeks short of a year since I had my right shoulder
replaced. And yes I went through near screaming hell with unfortunate
hallucinations' due to pain killers and me not seeing eye to eye with what
they were suppose to do. So my re-action was "screw the pain killers and
fight back!" Bite the bullet while making any attempt to try and put a
shirt on, reaching for the glass of scotch, one a day.... helped much more
than the pain killers! ;-) ;-) :-)

Today? Yep still a twinge of slight awareness when reaching in certain
directions! That too will eventually disappear if you constantly &
carefully fight back with moving about! However nothing like the pre-op
pain that I surely was nearly on my way to the deep six manually! :-(

I wish you all the best! Hang tough and fight back!

It, the pain, will eventually learn to live with you. Just kick ass and
sooner or later you'll be completely pain free! You may have doubts on
occasion? Trust me by this time next year or sooner you'll be a hop-scotch
jumping kid again! :-)


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