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Subject: [Leica] EVF question
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 19:10:40 -0600 (CST)

Hi Frank,

My slowest Manual lens is 55/f3.5 and i find it very easy to focus on the 
D4.  Even stopped down to f5.6 it focusses quite easy on the D4 manually.  
Sorry to hear the D4 did not work out for you.

Good luck with the Sony A7.


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Subject: Re: [Leica] EVF question

My "problem" as well....   I tried out the D4, D610, D800, D7100 cameras for
Manual Focusing... all were pretty bad.  The Nikon Tech Rep said the D4 was
the best, brightest.... my experience, by eye, was that if it is better, it
is by a slight margin.. rising from lousy to almost lousy.

I am awaiting a local store to have the Sony A7... have the Nikon to Sony E
adapter on order, all $9 of it.... to experiment the same way..
...  On my Fuji X-E1 ( my test bed with a Nikon to X mount adapter) the
slower F3.5 or F4 lenses work magnificently, and are easy to focus.

I think the A7, and EVF in general, will put a new and useful re-use of
those MF lenses that were so great in the past, but lost favor because they
were nearly impossible to focus using the lousy screens and pentaprisms of
AF cameras....

The other advantage of the Sony A7 is that the body is so thin, Leica M
lenses can be used.... limitations noted....

To be clear: the non-native lenses will not have auto stop down of the
aperture blades.  The lens will be set to whatever F stop you select.
Focusing therefore will be in full DOF mode...  With the auto aperture
working ( set your F1.4 lens to F16, and you are viewing at F1.4) your
focusing will be easier, more "pop", and by those definitions, more

As much as I wanted to buy a new EVF-DSLR camera this year, the desire for a
Nikon lens mount ( not adapter) won out, for now......

Forget the back LCD screens for capture... if you could be happy with the
eye-focusing issues, the holding the camera at arm's length will make your
images wobbly.... ie lousy hit rate from camera movement.  Fine for macro,
stationary scenes with tripod use.

Frank Filippone
Red735i at

I've been contemplating one of the Fuji's, or possibly the new Sony for a
walk around and possibly the adequate solution for my R glass, as it is
becoming harder for me to focus manually through the viewfinder on my D600. 
I find live view too inconvenient since I would have to constantly be
putting on my reader glasses to see the screen.


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