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Subject: [Leica] Mac OSX 10.9 and Epson Scan
From: robert.rose at (Robert Rose)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 07:43:13 -0700

I had not even realized that this was a problem.  I have an older MacPro 
that I use for PS 3, LR 4, big file storage, and running the Epson V700 
scanner with Epson scan software, but that MacPro can?t run anything higher 
than 10.7.  Since it is happy with that OS, and everything runs and the 
machine works fine for my photo workflow, why upgrade and spoil things?

I have a laptop (MacBook Air) that has a smaller SSD, which I take 
everywhere with me.  That I keep updated with the latest OS, and it is very 
happy on OSX 10.9.  But to try to store big files from my SD cards would 
swamp that SSD in no time at all, and the processor on the old MacPro is 
still going strong.  Further, there is no reason to try to run the V700 from 
the laptop, and I use Flickr to display photos.

I have gotten to the point that software and hardware already do what I 
want, so I don?t see a need to jump on the annual upgrade race.  With the 
money and time I save, I can take more pictures and go sailing.

I will note that with OSX 10.9 on a light laptop and an iPhone on iOS 7, 
there seems to be no reason to bother with an iPad.  I do have an Android 
tablet, but I have not turned it on for 3 months.

In any event, do let us know when Epson upgrades its perfectly useable V700 
software.  Since new MacPros will be using 10.9, and MacPro users are a 
target demographic for the V700/V750, I am confident the Epson folks will 
wake up one day.  In any event, they already set up a Mavericks support page:

Bob Rose

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