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Subject: [Leica] OT. Nikon screen brightness and contrast
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 05:15:45 -0400

When photographers are portrayed in film and TV they never follow  though
with a consultant they really listen to and they get it all wrong.  The
consultant has to be in it from the start as they have to not put stuff in
the scrip the photog would not do or leave out what the photog would
certainly do and or say.
It almost seem like they want to get it wrong.
It doesn't just insult photographers it insult the audience.
Photogs are typically portrayed also as voyeuristic perverts who think their
camera is a gun or a symbol of their male phallic protuberance.
They get very confused..
Less than half of my photog friends are like that!

And the Blow UP guy would not do that in steps he'd just project the neg to
the other side of the studio and do it in one step.
Doing it in steps like that would be the last thing you'd want to do.

And the one step would be a better story.
I think the best stories are the true ones or ring true as they could be
true.. Stuff made up in comparison is very half assed.
If a thing says "based on true events" I'm 90% half won over from the get

On 9/19/13 4:26 AM, "Frank Dernie" <Frank.Dernie at> wrote:

> I started my F1 career working with James Hunt and already knew Niki Lauda
> from F2 March days. Rush is about their dramatic Championship competition 
> in
> 1976.
> One person who went to a premier told me not to go to see it because I 
> would
> find it annoyingly inaccurate and a second said it reminded him of the old
> days quite well!
> Since the first is a younger guy who wasn't around back then and only knows
> the super slick media event it has become and the second a photographer who
> started his career at about the same time as me, and knows what it was like
> when only a couple of races a year were televised, I will be ordering the
> Blu-Ray!
> FD
> On 19 Sep, 2013, at 07:04, Mark Rabiner <mark at> wrote:
>> Interesting and the WA is not 35 and 50 but wider. 16-18-21. As I'd put 
>> that
>> in wrong.
>> What if they made one 16-23-42 !?!?  I get Lost thinking about it.
>> I went to the Chelsea Bow Tie Cinema to see "in a world" just now and they
>> were having a grand opening of "Rush." they were letting out as I was
>> arriving. A red formula one Ferrari was parked outside behind a police
>> barricade with all kinds of lights on it and 5 security guards. I got a 
>> few
>> dozen shots at f8 of the car and a few people with my iso not maxing out 
>> at
>> 6400 but right around 4000 I think. With a 50 1.8. The red was amping out 
>> my
>> monitor on the back of my camera.
>> Was told by the costume guy I just missed a bunch of cool celebs his
>> favorite Courtney Love from my home town Portland OR.  - he said looked
>> quite tall and good. How can I get on that movie opening mailing list?
>> emure-bondage-dress-attends-screening-Rush.html
>> or
>> On 9/19/13 12:32 AM, "Frank Dernie" <Frank.Dernie at> 
>> wrote:
>>> No.
>>> It is not a zoom lens. The elements are only in place to create a sharp 
>>> lens
>>> at the 3 detent points, the in between points are not optically correct.
>>> The WATE OTOH is continuous from 16 to 21 mm
>>> On 19 Sep, 2013, at 00:04, Mark Rabiner <mark at> wrote:
>>>> If you were going from 35 to 50 and you just backup up a bit wouldn't 
>>>> you
>>>> be
>>>> around 40?
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