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Subject: [Leica] NZ PAW 11
From: cedric.agie at (Cedric Agie)
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 08:10:59 +0100
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Thank you for the info. Leitz made this lens in 2 versions with and
without DR. I've got the DR version. Leica warns there might be a
problem if you try to put this DR lens on the M-9 and certainly when
focussing to infinity. They say, as for some other Leitz lenses, they
can solve this problem in the factory. Leitz for some time made a DR
focussing ring to put on some 50 mm Elmar and Summi heads. I indeed
have a problem with the DR Summi with my M-9, but not with the DR
focussing ring. When simply walking around with one M and one lens
this systhem is great when taking small subjects or flowers etc.

On the other hand I only recently bought a Leica lens with an aspheric
element, this to say that I don't have much experience with this new
generation of lenses. An experienced Leica technician I've know for
more than 30 years told me recently the new Aspheric Summis cit.; "...
many orbits above the former Summi lenses and that you cannot

When I make makros or repros with an M, be it a Visoflex, Focoslide or
others, it is the lenshead I prefer. You simply close down, open one
stop and look at the DOF tables (plus a solid tripod from time to



2013/3/16 John McMaster <john at>:
> Thanks Cedric, the DR can give a very different look on the Monochrom to 
> the Summilux asph, I just need to pin down what subjects/lighting....
> john
>> -----Original Message-----
>> The flare just makes the 2nd picture more interesting. The hazyness
>> accentuates the early morning impression. In my opinion it's not caused by
>> the Summi 50 mm DR or it's coating because it simply was one of the best
>> lenses of this type Leitz ever made before the aspheric era. The type of
>> metal and chrome finishing, the 7th element with or without DR etc, made
>> this Summi simply too expensive to make after some time.
>> Maybe you didn't use a sunshade. Another trick to avoid these reflections 
>> is
>> to take the lightsource closer to the center of the lens. But that would 
>> have
>> given another picture.
>> The whole series is worth showing to others.
>> Cedric
>> 2013/3/16 John McMaster <john at>:
>> > Thanks Jay, I think I know what you mean ;-) It did not seem to offer
>> anything but I kept looking at/liking it....
>> >
>> > john
>> >
>> >> -----Original Message-----
>> >>
>> >> Nice assortment.
>> >> I cannot say why exactly, but I keep going back to look at "Up, down
>> >> & around".
>> >> I guess that means it's a good one. ;-)
>> >>
>> >> Jay
>> >>
>> >> On 3/15/2013 11:37 AM, John McMaster wrote:
>> >> > Back to multiple cameras and lenses....
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> >
>> >> > C & C welcome
>> >> >
>> >> > john
>> >> >
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