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Subject: [Leica] question about color rendering in the LUG gallery
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 09:34:11 +1000
References: <002201ce1861$088c4d70$19a4e850$>

Ken browsers mostly ignore the color space. For anything for the web, sRGB
is the right choice.
Even if your monitor is profiled correctly and supports a wider gamut than
sRGB (most don't) your browser won't use that profile.
On your screen when looking at your pics in Photoshop or another color
management aware program you will see the rendering in as large a color
space as your monitor and video card support. That is providing you have
color management set up correctly. When you install new versions or new
programs, you should check that those color management settings are

Bob's shot of Buddy the pup looks perfectly fine here (clean whites
rendition of the fur) on the laptop I use for my email. This screen is
adjusted fro 6500K but otherwise not calibrated.

Notice how many times I wrote "color " in deference to your location ;-)

The gallery software can be set for whatever sizing options you want
although most people don't seem to do that. Mine is set to show the size I
upload. I have never observed any colour ;-) shifts on sRGB files I
uploaded here comparing browser and Ps/LR view of same file.

*If you want to take more interesting pictures,
stand in front of more interesting stuff* -- Joe McNally


On 4 March 2013 08:47, Ken Carney <kcarney1 at> wrote:

> I would appreciate some help with this.  When I upload a color image to the
> gallery, there is a pronounced color shift toward red (as viewed in the
> gallery).  For example, today I was privileged to see the original of Buddy
> the Puppy
> (
> ),
> wherein Buddy has brown/blondish fur.  In the gallery, the fur has a red
> tint.  The other day I posted a snapshot of a smoked pheasant breast, and
> again in the gallery it looks pretty raw (as in bleeding).   I notice this
> only with the gallery.  For example, I can look at a photo on my website
> and
> it is an exact color match with the image as viewed in PS.
> I convert all the photos from ProPhoto or Adobe RGB to sRGB before
> uploading.  I'm pretty sure nothing is happening when I upload an image,
> because I can download it from the gallery and it is again then an exact
> match with the original as viewed in PS.  It is as if my monitor profile is
> not recognized when I view the gallery, but I don't see how that could be.
> There is no doubt something simple I am doing wrong - any thoughts
> appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Ken
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