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Subject: [Leica] IMG: General Tire
From: sonc.hegr at (Sonny Carter)
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 13:39:29 -0600
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Ted, it is just a Japanese word that is short for "out of focus background"
and there has always been good out of focus background and bad out of focus
background, when you use fast or long lenses.

  I'm an old fart too, and I find it a useful term.  Nothing to get your
panties bunched up about.


On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 1:06 PM, <tedgrant at> wrote:

> Hi Tina my dear Lady.
> Never mind the back ground in this photo! who cares????? Look at the
> strength content of the face!!!!!!!!!!!
> Maybe a tad bit of burning down all around the sides done well and the
> "brightness factor" may not be as distracting?" But it's the face that
> matters.
> Maybe I'm the one who's crazy here, but I rarely ever did... unless it was
> so blatantly obvious did I ever pay much attention to backgrounds other
> than things sticking out of heads or quite an obvious "shape or object more
> powerful than the main content of the photograph creating a distraction!"
> Then it was corrected or the frame  went into file 13 off the Light table!
> And as I've repeated myself several times! I never knew what the heck the
> word bokeh meant? Still really don't!  Let alone ever recall reading
> anything about it until I hit the "funny pages on the LUG!"
> I suppose that answers my own question? I never read much about
> photography simply because I was always far to busy taking photographs and
> having fun??????? Being paid for it and sent about the world having a great
> time! But no one ever said to me..... "Gee Ted there's a lot of bokeh in
> your photos!"  during my 60 plus years shooting. I suppose somewhere in the
> National Archives Collection of 380,000 images there must be one or two?
> ;-) ;-) But do you know what? If nobody has found or said anything about it
> in my photographs to date?   I'm not going to start looking for them at
> this late time in my life. :-)
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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> Subject: [Leica] IMG: General Tire
>  PESO:
>> I think looking at the bokeh on this one that it was made with the R6.2
>> and
>> 80/1.4 but I'm not sure.
>> C&C?
>> Thanks,
>> Tina
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