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Subject: [Leica] OT: Tracfone and GPS
From: richard at (Richard Man)
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 01:20:44 -0700
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Peter, not sure about Tracfone specifically, but we use Google Map
extensively on our Android phone for GPS/traveling. It's really great with
voice navigation.

Someone did some tests and found that Maps is better than most dedicated
GPS units, and that was a couple years ago. Just make sure you have a
charger :-)

As for your specific question, I'd think that any recent smartphones will
have the GPS chip builtin. You can always look at the specification page.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 12:14 AM, Peter Klein <pklein at> 

> I'm turning to the LUG's vast pool of expertise here.  I'm not a
> cell-phone expert.  I use the prepaid Tracfone service on a simple, several
> year-old Nokia.  It's just a phone.  Costs me about $120 per year.  That's
> "year," not "month."  Which is why I've kept it simple.
> So last week I was in New England, and used a friend's GPS to get in and
> out of Boston alive.  And I got to thinking, "Hmm. This could actually be
> useful."
> Another friend mentioned that rather than buy a dedicated GPS, you can buy
> last year's phone inexpensively, and put a GPS app on it. Add maybe a nice
> HP calculator emulator and internal phone book/scheduler if the latter
> isn't already included.  Useful.  He seemed to say that you didn't need a
> data plan for GPS apps.  Can anyone tell me if this is indeed the case? I
> assume you download the app and maps on your computer and transfer them to
> the phone via cable or Bluetooth, or to an SD card, but I don't know.
> The phones Tracfone supports in my area include the LG 500G and LG 800G,
> which are app-capable.  Can somebody tell me if they support a GPS app?
>  Will I be able to use it with the Tracfone service, or am I going to have
> to buy some other service as well?
> Sorry for the "grasshopper" novice question.
> --Peter, opening up a can of worms...
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