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Subject: [Leica] Tired! NOW REALLY TIRED! :-(
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 22:30:52 -0700
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It was entitled "tired." But I have renamed it "NOW REALLY TIRED!" simply 
because of my most recent machine situation!! :-(

Unfortunately we all have at sometime or other what we might call "COMPUTER 
MISHAPS?" And the beast must be beaten into submission and rebuilt or 
whatever the hell techie things are / were done? 

In my case I have not had a machine to work with for the past 5 days! Bad 
enough I near had a major mental state of atrophie without it lighting up. 
Not even a twinkle or hum of life did I see or hear. But late this afternoon 
I was given word.... "OK LIGHT IT UP!" 

I asked quite innocently. "But how can I do that as there is one of the 
three hard drives not in the slot? " In my case asking any kind of answer 
when techie lingo is involved it's like standing before a firing squad and 
asking "Why me?" As the shots ring out! 

Voice from above says in a death terrifying tone! .... "FIRE IT UP, DON'T 

Obviously I did and it's working. How can I tell?  Well just let me say in 
the LUG computer specific mail box there are, ready???? :-) I know you all 
want to know ? Right? 

871 POSTS TO READ AND ENJOY! :-) Not really enjoy, as that comment has a tad 
bit of sarcasm attached to it. :-) My goodness have any of you folks ever 
turned off the LUG for 5 days...... not a peak and come back to look at what 
so many very wonderful human beings can waste their "short time on Planet 
EARTH" writing about, ringing hands and brains over, that hasn't one iota of 
worth about taking better photographs and practicing better picture taking! 

So lads and ladies I fear with this many posts and potential enraging of my  
thoughts of useless wasted time dribbling through the complete 871!  I fear 
this must be a pure case of "SELECT ALL -- DELETE ALL!"  Even at the expense 
of quite probably missing a few diamonds in the bunch. Good night and we'll 
start a whole new life on the morrow!
Dr. ted :-) 

So be it, "select all -- delete all!"

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