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Subject: [Leica] Sciatica
From: steve.barbour at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 14:18:26 -0700
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On Jun 10, 2012, at 2:04 PM, B. D. Colen wrote:

> I had a ruptured disc and truly hideous sciatica about eight, nine years 
> ago. 12 weeks or so on high-dose oxy AND percocet - which of course lead 
> to weeks of weaning to get off it. But, the miracle cure for me was 2 
> injections of cortisone in the disc space, about six weeks apart. The 
> first one brought some relief, the second finished the job. I haven't had 
> a twinge since. As the neurosurgeon said to me, ' we can do nothing, and 
> there's a 90 percent chance you'll be cured in a year. We can operate, and 
> there's a 90 percent chance you'll be as good as new in 12 months. Or, we 
> can try injections, and maybe they'll work, or maybe they won't.

Careful, someone is going to evaluate that statistically,


> Good luck.
> Typed with big fingers on tiny keys
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> Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 13:55:41 
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Sciatica
> I heard that Pilate is good for training the core. You may want to look
> into it.
> With Yoga, just remember to listen to your body and don't do things that
> it's telling you not to do. Yoga is now becoming a franchising business so
> there are unqualified teachers there. I do Tai Chi myself but real tai chi
> is even harder to find.
> Good luck!
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Mark Rabiner <mark at> 
> wrote:
>> Sciatica
>> I've just had the most painful three  of weeks of my life.
>> But went to bed last night with my sweatshirt on and the AC down to 75.
>> Instead of tee shirt and 72.
>> And woke up not wracked in pain in my legs for the first time in 3 weeks
>> and
>> I got 8 hours of sleep not 5 or 4. I start Physical therapy Tuesday. I had
>> to cancel my Spring Lug Gallery gallery as normally I'd spend the morning
>> working on it and I've not been able to sit down for more than a minute
>> till
>> the sun went down. My last entry was May 24th.
>> Its from lifting boxes in my storage cubical in Portland May 10th - 16th. 
>> I
>> got a glimpse of my body of work in the large boxes in the back and my 
>> pots
>> and my books. My CD' are ready to go; to be sent over here. I'll have them
>> here soon though not my negs still they were in the back of the room and I
>> didn't make it to there.
>> The lesson is - when you hit middle age or older:
>> Don't loose your inner core strength.
>> Do exercises in the morning like Ted has his whole life.
>> I'm getting a folding mat. And taking up Yoga and anything else which
>> resembles it. Then I'll make up my own.  Publish it and be asked to
>> demonstrate it on a radio show.
>> You never know how many cameras you may have to carry and what they'd all
>> weigh. The Leica lenses don't just cost more they also get heavier every
>> year.
>> Summer is in ten days and I'll start and finish a Summer gallery. Picture 
>> a
>> day. From whatever year.
>> - - from my iRabs.
>> Mark Rabiner
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