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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Peak District landscape
From: gerry.walden at (Gerry Walden)
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 11:06:14 +0100
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Thanks for your very constructive comments. I will look at the image in the 
light of what you have said, and see where I go with it athough i doubt that 
I will repost it.

Of course I know of Eddie Ephraums work, although I have not heard his name 
for some time. He is known here more for his darkroom skills than his 
photographic skills, and (as you say) some 15 years ago or so he was a 'God' 
of black and white printing. I may vene have his book tucked away some where.

Thanks again (and shouldn't you be in bed by now?)


Gerry Walden
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On 20 May 2012, at 10:07, Chris Crawford wrote:

> I'd darken the foreground bright spot. Aside from that, I like it. Are you
> familiar with the work of Eddie Ephraums? He's a british photographer who
> often photographs similar scenes and prints them in a style with darkened
> edges and a lot of contrast, with extensive dodging and burning to keep
> the highlights and shadows from blowing out or blocking up. It gives the
> images a gritty look (emphasized by the fact that he mainly shoots 35mm
> film, often Delta 3200, and prints big). His work is near impossible to
> find online because he does not have a website. This is the only one I
> could find to show you.
> Try and find a book called Creative Elements. It details his exact
> techniques with actual images, showing the negative, a straight print, and
> the steps he took to get the final image. Though his style is not my
> thing, I learned an immense amount about darkroom printing from his book
> (which I bought 15 yrs ago when I had a darkroom).
> anchor
> Your photo reminded me of Ephraums, but not quite 'finished'...needs more
> contrast and burning of the bright spots to achieve the look...which is
> why I suggested him.
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> On 5/20/12 4:30 AM, "Gerry Walden" <gerry.walden at> wrote:
>> I have never really considered myself a landscape photographer, and I
>> certainly con't consider myself as a monochrome black and white
>> photographer, but I took this image in colour (raw) in 2009 and did not
>> really know how to work it although I felt there was something there. I
>> have just reprocessed it and would be grateful for comments as to whether
>> it worked or not:
>> Gerry
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