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Subject: [Leica] What would you take to Peru?
From: mak at (Mark Kronquist)
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:04:10 -0700
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Why the M8 (abuse me here folk but it is a serious question) The D700 and 
X10/100/Pro would render the M8 kit extra weight.

Why the GA645 (GS yes GA?) the D700 and X10/100 

I would take the GL Kt, The D700 kit and the little Fuji X would render it 
extra weight 
On Mar 23, 2012, at 7:43 PM, Dante Stella wrote:

> Since this is sometimes a place for abstraction, I'll pose a hypothetical.
> Assume that you are a male in good physical conditioning.  If you are 
> going traipsing around in the mountains and among ruins in Peru, what 
> would you take?  I'm headed out next week.  Usually, no matter where I go, 
> I take a Fuji GA645, 20 rolls of 120 film (for b/w), and some small camera 
> for color.  Sometimes a 6x9 Fuji instead of the "little" Fuji.  I've been 
> pretty good at making it work, as Tim Gunn would say.
> Aside from Macchu Picchu, I think I can improvise with about anything.  
> But up on the mountain (a place where I probably will never return), what 
> are the conditions like? Any weird-color light that screws with exposure 
> meters (like in the desert)?  Any particular filtration?  Were I to 
> deviate from my normal packing, there would be a lot of choices (these are 
> the *realistic* ones...)
> Fuji GA645 (=35mm)
> - small, light, flawless
> Fuji GL690 (with 50, 100 and/or 180mm lenses)
> - heavy as hell, but the 50mm has eye-burning resolution 
> - wants a separate meter
> - would require 40 rolls of film
> X100 (=35mm)
> - very lightweight, some ability to use grad NDs
> D700 (I can cover anything from 17 to 300mm)
> - heavy, fast, able to shoot in any light.  Great for ND grads
> Leica M8 (21 to 90mm)
> - Not bad for all purposes, but a little heavy
> Nex-5 (16mm or 18-55 lenses).
> - kills the X100 in shooting speed. Not bad at taking pictures, either. 
> Excels at HD video.
> - somewhere, in a drawer, I have the superwide lens adapter
> Neither film nor batteries nor supplies are really an issue. If I took a 
> GL690, I would grab a cheaper 50mm (=21mm) finder than my Universal 
> Wideangle Finder M, but other than that, this will be off the shelf.  I 
> would not take two heavy cameras, but aside from that, the sky is the 
> limit. As I would imagine at 10,000 feet.
> Ideas?  I usually go on gut instinct the day before, but I do like to hear 
> different perspectives.
> Thanks
> Dante
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