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Subject: [Leica] really elementary backup question
From: kcarney1 at (Ken Carney)
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 15:14:31 -0500
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Thanks, that is most helpful.  I have used PS for many years but am just 
now coming to terms with LR.  My version of LR3 does not have a catalog 
setting choice under files or the preferences tab.  Nor, can I find any 
way to change the backup setting.  I think what has happened is that I 
was once given that choice, and now my internal HD backs up to external 
discs once a week.  I probably selected once a week in the LR dialog 
when it was presented.  So, LR probably thinks everything is fine.  I 
will change my SyncBack to more than once a week and see if the LR 
dialog comes back, then select backup on closing and do that manually.


On 3/17/2012 9:08 AM, Mark Pope wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> I think what Martin Avening means is to set up the catalog preferences 
> so that the catalog is backed up when you exit Lightroom (this is the 
> behaviour for LR3, but for 2, it backs up the catalog when you open 
> the application).
> It's recommended because if your catalog becomes corrupted (I've had 
> one catalog corruption), then you can load a backup copy and pick up 
> from there.
> If you go to <file><preferences><catalog settings>, there is a 
> drop-down menu where you can set your backup preferences.
> The options are 'Never', 'once a month when exiting Lightroom', 'once 
> a day when exiting Lightroom', 'Every time Lightroom exits' and 'Next 
> time Lightroom exits'.
> When backups are selected, the application will display a dialogue box 
> which gives you the option to choose (or modify) the backup catalog 
> location as well as to skip the backup and whether you want to 
> optimise the catalog.
> The catalog backups are held in date-stamped directories on the backup 
> disk.
> On our Windows system, our catalogs are backed up to a file share on 
> network-attached server.  Note that the catalog backup *does not* back 
> up the image files, only the catalog database.
> Since you already use Syncback, then you could create a Lightroom 
> catalog backups directory on your local hard disk and then this will 
> be backed up with all of your other files.
> The images can be backed up when they are imported into Lightroom - 
> check out the import settings.
> Hope this helps.
> All the best
> Mark Pope,
> Swindon, Wilts
> UK
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> On 15/03/2012 23:11, Ken Carney wrote:
>> I see from Martin Evening's book that the LR catalog should be backed up
>> manually. I assume this is because it is checking for errors. For other
>> backups, I use SyncBack. It backs up my internal drive with my photos to
>> two external drives each week, at 2 a.m. Then about once a month I back
>> up that internal drive to a third external drive. When the automated
>> backup occurs, how would I know that some internal drive files have not
>> become corrupted, and I am just backing up worthless data? I realize
>> this is a really basic question, but my choices are to ask the our
>> consultants at the firm and probably get deer in the headlights, or get
>> an understandable answer from the LUG. Thanks!
>> Ken
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