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Subject: [Leica] S2 vs. 645D
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 14:36:02 -0600 (CST)

According to BMW Drivers Club, all accidents and traffic jams are due to 
people using cars with automatic transmissions, and if everyone would use a 
manual transmission car then the accident and traffic jams would disappear.  
theres some food for thought.  Go Figure. ;)

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I accept being an idiot, it's not as bad as some may think, however, I 
to read this while unloading a full Tahoe, starting with a seven foot 
and thought a comment from right field might be placed here > .



On 3/4/2012 8:54 PM, Chris Crawford wrote:
> Here, you have idiots in giant SUVs who all think the traffic laws don't
> apply to them. I see these dickheads every day running stop signs,
> speeding like crazy, tailgating anyone who dares drive the speed limit,
> etc. An Escort gets hits by a big SUV, and the Escort and its passengers
> are squished like bugs under your feet. I drive a Crown Victoria because
> of this. These guys in SUVs respect a big car like that because they know
> if they hit it, the Crown Vic is not going to flatten like an econobox. It
> costs more for gas, but its worth it to know I won't get myself killed by
> some fool.
> I obey traffic laws and drive safely. Few others here do. My life is worth
> more than theirs.

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