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Subject: [Leica] Photographic Freedom
From: gwpics at (Gerry Walden)
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 06:52:39 +0000
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One of the major problems with this proposal is that it does not have to go 
through any legislative body. Under UK constitutional law a BYLAW (which is 
what this will be) can be signed off by the relevant Minister!

Thanks for commenting.


Gerry Walden LRPS
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On 31 Jan 2012, at 00:04, Bob Shaw wrote:

> Gerry:
> Were there a Petition against this draconian proposal that would allow 
> Yank signatures to count, I would have already signed it!
> Rubbish Proclamation!
> Hopefully it will be shouted down
> If not in Commons and amongst the Lords, then on the streets.  By the way; 
> where the hell is King Murdoch when we actually need him to throw his 
> (considerable) weight around about Freedom of the Press?  Might improve 
> his decades of crap Karma if he did so.
> If someone were going to use such photos to do something evil, they would 
> have done by now.  Pretty soon, illegal to shoot anything in front of any 
> Starbucks anywhere in the UK...
> Best Regards, Bob in Seattle
> (where we are no strangers from cops giving us "The Look" when we shoot 
> around town?I guess that figure the crop will show their Badge Number, 
> eh?).
> Bob Shaw
> rsphotoimages at
> On Jan 30, 2012, at 3:38 PM, Gerry Walden wrote:
>> I don't often write about political matters, in fact I don't think I have 
>> ever done so before but I think this is important. There is a proposed 
>> bylaw to make the taking of any photograph for any business purpose in 
>> Parliament Square or Trafalgar Square in London illegal unless you have 
>> written permission of the Mayor. This will not only seriously curtail the 
>> freedom of the press to make images of anything that happens in these two 
>> areas, be it riots or acts of kindness, but it will also stop stock 
>> photographers making legitimate images of iconic London landmarks such as 
>> the Houses of Parliament, the National gallery etc.
>> It is a long held freedom in this country, and most other 'democratic' 
>> countries to make images whilst on public land, and this is a serious 
>> infringement of that right. It will also stop the legitimate freedom of 
>> the press to report incidents such as any protest camp, political rally 
>> etc. etc.
>> I have held the belief for the whole of my life that I live in a free 
>> country - obviously I have been wrong!
>> You can read a pdf of the proposed bylaw for Trafalgar Square at 
>>  and I would draw your attention to Byelaw 5(1)?.
>> Gerry
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