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Subject: [Leica] What do mean my M8 isn't also a wifi hotspot?
From: robertmeier at (Robert Meier)
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 08:54:31 -0600 (CST)
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John,  I've heard that the M8.2 has a much more civilized shutter sound.  
Your rant is much appreciated.  Robert

On Dec 20, 2011, at 7:37 AM, John Collier wrote:

> It's the simple things that give the most pleasure: like firing the 
> shutter with the lens cap on. What a relief to finally find a camera that 
> will just do what it's told rather than constantly talk back or interrupt 
> things to snidely drop "helpful" hints. The M8 will blink warning lights 
> and what not, but, push the button, and, ready or not, the missile 
> launches. 
> Thank goodness.
> I am seemingly somewhat out of sync with the "general populous" as I 
> almost never find myself wanting to send a text message while shooting HD 
> video of my latest geo-caching exploits. I am also alone in finding that 
> AI has a bit of a nasty side? Just one example of digital intransigence is 
> my Fuji X100. Supposedly, somewhere in it's myriad of poorly apportioned 
> menu options, I can set it to display the focus distance on a neat little 
> linear scale that also indicates DOF. Cool or what? Well, I could never 
> get it to actually work unless I was in manual focus. Yesterday, as I was 
> unhooking it's leather strap to transfer to the M8, I turned it on, one 
> last time, and brought it to my eye and, Sweet Mother of Pearl, there it 
> was! Boy do I hate Digital-Almosts.
> Make no mistake,the M8 is not a perfect camera by any means. The shutter 
> sound is vaguely reminiscent of a 50 pound sledge hammer hitting five foot 
> thick oak beam just a few millimetres from your ear. Really! I couldn't 
> believe it at first. Even in discrete -- more aptly named 
> low-rent-hooker-screaming-for-her-dough (please forgive my political 
> incorrectness) -- the sound echoes in my largely empty head for quite some 
> time. However, after years of Digital-Almosts, I just don't care anymore. 
> I'll wear ear plugs if that's what it takes to get a camera that actually 
> does what it's told.
> John
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