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Subject: [Leica] She & She AND THE BOOK! :-)
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 22:01:36 +0200
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Dear Ted

I have already said on the list what I can say, I have no more words  
to say you thank you very much for this really kind message, it and  
you - of course - will always remain in my gratitude!

Very best wishes

El 09/07/2011, a las 7:18, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at>  

> Lluis Ripoll SHOWED:
> Subject: [Leica] She & She
> And this, "She & She" ladies and gentlemen is why you should all buy  
> a copy of Lluis book, "INDIGNATION!" The image "She & She" is a tiny  
> sample of an incredible collection by a photographer with an amazing  
> "Ability of Observation" and capturing the moment! Not once in  
> awhile, but time after time, day after day, page after page!
> Let me say as a tribute. If Lluis were a shooter at the time of  
> Cartier Bresson and many of the greats of "street photography!" We  
> would all have copies of Lluis book or books long before now. But he  
> wasn't and today he's an unknown in the general world sense.  
> HOWEVER! True, he isn't an unknown by us because we know him on a  
> daily basis. He's looked upon as one of the guys on the LUG who  
> shoots neat photos! :-)
> But in reality without the exposure given to Cartier-Bresson and the  
> others at the time when publications were few and the good and great  
> of the day were worldly published, we learned of their photography  
> and abilities. TODAY? It's a whole new world of happy-snap clickers  
> by the millions. And really without the great magazines of the past  
> the chances of Lluis ever reaching a Cartier-Bresson status of  
> recognition is quite slim to put it mildly!
> HOWEVER! His book "INDIGNATION" is without question, a tribute to  
> the talents of a world class photojournalist! Yes I know all of you  
> on the LUG have seen his photos day after day. You, me and nearly  
> everyone who looks at his photography give many compliments as we  
> see the photos individually, certainly a credit well deserved with  
> each and every compliment.
> But here is the opportunity to buy a book, that without question, is  
> worth every dollar you pay to have it in your hands!
> Yes I wrote a small piece at the front. WHY? Quite simple people.  
> Because after all my years of experience as a world travelling and  
> published photojournalist, I recognized and knew the quality of  
> street photography Lluis had produced was and is world class. And I  
> want to do everything I can to help Lluis receive the recognition he  
> very well deserves!
> So it is with that in mind I'm asking all of you to buy his book!  
> And when you are finished looking through it for the 20th or more  
> time and about to put it on the book shelf. Put it right along side  
> with the works of Cartier-Bresson and the other greats of our time,  
> the "Street Photographers of the Day!"
> He deserves this kind of recognition. And I have no doubt some of  
> you will scoff at my placing him along side Bresson and the others.  
> However I must ask you, "Why wouldn't I ? Or why shouldn't I?"  We  
> are in the company of greatness!
> Truly, don't be blinded by all the years of promotion of the bygone  
> era! "Open your eyes and look at a photojournalist of today!" Lluis  
> Ripoll! A Man of Great Observation! Reaction and "CLICK!" And his  
> Have a nice weekend and please everyone order your copies at the  
> same time! It's worth every dollar or peso!
> Cheers,
> ted
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