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Subject: [Leica] She & She AND THE BOOK! :-)
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 20:22:57 +0200
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Hi Ted mon ami,

When I've opened my e-mail and read your message, I sincerely ask my  
self , what can I say in response to these kind words .... Simply, say  
you thank you very much for everyone of your words and my inmense  
gratitude for your help and wishes to have recognition, this is very  
kind, and still more comming from you; I've never received such words  
and I'm really honored and happy for your friendship and words just  
comming from you. IMO the real only thing we can be happy is that some  
of our work can be diffused and also know by the future generations to  
give them some heritage of our way of life, the photography help  to  
show to the others our vision of the world.

Thank you very much my friend, thanks Dr. Ted!


El 09/07/2011, a las 7:18, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at>  

> Lluis Ripoll SHOWED:
> Subject: [Leica] She & She
> And this, "She & She" ladies and gentlemen is why you should all buy  
> a copy of Lluis book, "INDIGNATION!" The image "She & She" is a tiny  
> sample of an incredible collection by a photographer with an amazing  
> "Ability of Observation" and capturing the moment! Not once in  
> awhile, but time after time, day after day, page after page!
> Let me say as a tribute. If Lluis were a shooter at the time of  
> Cartier Bresson and many of the greats of "street photography!" We  
> would all have copies of Lluis book or books long before now. But he  
> wasn't and today he's an unknown in the general world sense.  
> HOWEVER! True, he isn't an unknown by us because we know him on a  
> daily basis. He's looked upon as one of the guys on the LUG who  
> shoots neat photos! :-)
> But in reality without the exposure given to Cartier-Bresson and the  
> others at the time when publications were few and the good and great  
> of the day were worldly published, we learned of their photography  
> and abilities. TODAY? It's a whole new world of happy-snap clickers  
> by the millions. And really without the great magazines of the past  
> the chances of Lluis ever reaching a Cartier-Bresson status of  
> recognition is quite slim to put it mildly!
> HOWEVER! His book "INDIGNATION" is without question, a tribute to  
> the talents of a world class photojournalist! Yes I know all of you  
> on the LUG have seen his photos day after day. You, me and nearly  
> everyone who looks at his photography give many compliments as we  
> see the photos individually, certainly a credit well deserved with  
> each and every compliment.
> But here is the opportunity to buy a book, that without question, is  
> worth every dollar you pay to have it in your hands!
> Yes I wrote a small piece at the front. WHY? Quite simple people.  
> Because after all my years of experience as a world travelling and  
> published photojournalist, I recognized and knew the quality of  
> street photography Lluis had produced was and is world class. And I  
> want to do everything I can to help Lluis receive the recognition he  
> very well deserves!
> So it is with that in mind I'm asking all of you to buy his book!  
> And when you are finished looking through it for the 20th or more  
> time and about to put it on the book shelf. Put it right along side  
> with the works of Cartier-Bresson and the other greats of our time,  
> the "Street Photographers of the Day!"
> He deserves this kind of recognition. And I have no doubt some of  
> you will scoff at my placing him along side Bresson and the others.  
> However I must ask you, "Why wouldn't I ? Or why shouldn't I?"  We  
> are in the company of greatness!
> Truly, don't be blinded by all the years of promotion of the bygone  
> era! "Open your eyes and look at a photojournalist of today!" Lluis  
> Ripoll! A Man of Great Observation! Reaction and "CLICK!" And his  
> Have a nice weekend and please everyone order your copies at the  
> same time! It's worth every dollar or peso!
> Cheers,
> ted
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