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Subject: [Leica] Which colour neg film?
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 10:52:21 +0100
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Just logged in for the first time in a few days so missed most of this 

IMHO if you want to take colour any of these will work, but if you want to 
them to scan to B&W after then there are issue with many films. It's a 
similar to sensors, modern films are aimed at giving best colour and are
targeted at a specific market. The advice about making sure that you go for 
saturation is well worthwhile as a starting pint.


On 06/06/2011 10:34, Chris Crawford wrote:
> LOL, well color neg is a lot different than slide film. You have to give
> enough exposure to ensure there is detail in the darkest tones that you 
> want
> detail rendered in. In contrasty conditions, that can mean the light tones
> might be overexposed quite a bit, but it is ok. Color neg film can be
> overexposed a lot without much loss in quality because when you print, you
> can just use a longer print time to bring out the detail in the neg. They
> scan easily too. Dodging and burning can bring back full detail in the
> lightest and darkest areas of a picture shot in very high contrast light.
> Overexposed up to 2 stops, you'll see no loss of quality, overexposed 4 the
> print won't be the best, but you'll get a usable image. Underexposure,
> however, is fatal in even small amounts. One stop under starts showing a 
> big
> increase in grain and loss of color saturation and dark tones will be empty
> of detail and will be a dark grey full of grain. Yuck!
> I shot negs for years, but now mostly shoot slides for color. They scan
> easier, but if you're shooting in high contrast light or under non-daylight
> sources, or you're shooting in situations where you may not be able to set
> precise exposure, then negs win hands down.
> Here's some scan from color negatives, Fuji NPS 160 (A portrait film that 
> is
> no longer made, sadly). I shot them at EI-80, a one-stop overexposure.


Dr Peter Dzwig                          

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