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Subject: [Leica] Comparing micro 4/3 and M8
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 13:19:33 -0700
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Well I don't have a clue about this 4/3's thing you lads are talking about!

However I do have an M8 well worked without a problem of any kind and it 
just goes on clicking on "PAYING ASSIGNMENTS!" without a thought! I use C/V 
lenses that cut crystal clean images, the 15, 21, 35 f1.2, Noctilux and the 
90mm Summicron!!

And they've all produced publishing quality images! Is it up graded? I don't 
know, although quite sometime ago there was something you could down load 
off the Leica site??? Whatever it was, it was supposed to make the M8 work 
better.Unfortunately I don't remember who it was that walked/talked me 
through "how to do it!"

So that's it and that camera goes everywhere with me. Certainly since the 
unfortunate Earthquake in Japan.
And given I live in Canada on Vancouver Island in the City of Victoria as 
being one of the Pacific Ocean Ring-of-Fire countries for Earthquakes. I 
take the M8 everywhere, as I'm not going to miss a picture if Planet Earth 
starts rockin' and rollin' under my feet! :-)

I use no filters other than a 2X Neutral Density filter for the Noctilux 
that allows me when shooting out doors to work at f 1.0 or close.

So I suppose you can chalk me up as a solid supporter of the M8 at the 
moment. An M9? Yep as soon as we get things a tad more organized! ;-)

Dr. ted :-)

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