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From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 18:01:27 -0700
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Hi Crew,
Thank you all very much for the information and good wishes. Certainly about 
good, bad and ugly cruises and so called extra duties! "Trust me "extra 
duties?" That just ain't goin' to happen!" :-)

I'm having a meeting this coming week with the lady who'll be organizing 
this. So the many  "Heads-up" situations regarding so called "extra duties" 
etc will be on the table during the initial meeting.

The part about teaching and dealing with the "attendee's whatever age?" is 
no problem. As I see it no different than a land base lecture in the same 
fashion as doing the Leica Seminars on Cape Cod for 16 years. As far as I'm 
concerned I'm there to teach "Photography first and what works hopefully for 
the best photo moments!"

However, I will not be there to teach them how to turn on a computer or any 
of the digi techie things. If it happens it'll be pure "KISS simple" 
photography! All about shooting and what makes good photographs. If they 
want techie stuff???? I'll have them take my grandson who is a whiz at all 
the digital techie stuff. :-)

Thanks again everyone!

AKA Dr. ted ;-)

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