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Subject: [Leica] New portrait of my son added today
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 11:31:04 -0700
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Hi Chris,
I suppose it's, "to each his own. " :-)

However, I use Leica lenses from the 15mm to the 400 2.8.... and a bunch in 
between. Quite often 3 M's hanging around my neck, a 21mm top camera, a 35 
middle camera and the Noctilux on the bottom camera... Left shoulder, 2 R 
cameras (the last being R8's with motor drives) lenses, a 90 and a 180mm . 
On the right shoulder if needed just in case, another R8 motor drive and 
shoulder brace pistol grip with the 280mm f2.8.

All this gear depends what the assignment is and where? One does not carry 
all this stuff to every assignment, obviously! As assignments dictate what 
gear you carry all the time! Regardless of what some people think!

By the same token it might be only an M7, these days an M8, one lens and a 
long adjusted neck strap so the camera hangs off my left shoulder underneath 
my Tux jacket out of sight. Certainly when I'm shooting a VIP $1000.00 plate 
fund raising dinner or event. Many of these people don't want to be fussing 
with a "lowly photographer taking happy snaps!" :-)

In this fashion I quietly move about, see something, camera is up from 
jacket to the eye, click! I drop it where it slips under the jacket out of 
sight. And move on, no camera insight! :-)

And yes I've shot hundreds of portrait style assignments over the years from 
ordinary folks to your President's to our Prime Minister's and the Queen of 
England. ( Unfortunately no film in the camera for that one!) :-( My fellow 
Canadian photographers who remember, never let it rest when we get together. 
:-) And that shoot was in the summer of 1967, they still rag my butt about 
it! And the Prime Minister of Israel! If you haven't had a look at my 
website TEDGRANTPHOTO.COM it shows a few of my "Happy snapping life with 
Leicas! " :-) And a few portraits also. ;-)
Dr. ted

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New portrait of my son added today

> Ted,
> It focuses perfectly from f2.8-16. Basically, it is really an f2.8 lens. 
> Not
> hard to remember and requires no thought. You should also consider that 
> not
> everyone here is a photojournalist. I'm not and never will be. I'm an
> artist; I have the time to think about each shot and chose the lens that
> gives the look I want. I use this lens for portraits, mostly, and the need
> to remember not to use f1.5 or f2 is not a problem; I'd never shoot a
> portrait at such wide apertures anyway because I like a little depth of
> field. If you're doing fast paced reportage work, and you need a 50mm 
> lens,
> a plain old summicron is the best choice. I have one of those too, and it 
> is
> my choice for most work.
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> On 3/20/11 11:02 AM, "tedgrant at" <tedgrant at> wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Thank you for the explanation on this lens. As once again after 60 years 
>> of
>> photo time in the published world we never cease to learn. During my LUG
>> tenure, how many years? I don't have a clue, but it's been several.
>> I've learned more techie stuff than I could ever imagine and always
>> surprised I made it as far and as successfully as I have without knowing
>> many of the technical aspects I've read on the LUG.
>> In the case of this particular lens if I should find it didn't focus 
>> where I
>> expected it to I'd have thrown it away, traded it in very quickly or
>> relegated it to the paper weight corner of the desk.
>> Shooting for major publishers, one's own books and documentaries for 
>> "paying
>> clients" is tough enough without having to think ... "Is this that weird
>> lens that doesn't focus right on the mark?" while hopefully catching just
>> right moment .
>> Heck if one is wasting brain cells concerned with some kind of focus 
>> shift,
>> without total concentration on the "Gold Medal Winner" at the Olympics 
>> the
>> race would be over while your figuring out which aperture to use.
>> Once again I've learned.... don't ever buy any lens that isn't sharp 
>> right
>> where you focus!
>> Very interesting to learn about these things as it can save money and 
>> loss
>> of a good picture. Thank you for the explanation.
>> cheers,
>> Dr. ted
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