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Subject: [Leica] Sushi, Laphroaig, and the Edinburgh Castle
From: hlritter at (Howard Ritter)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 05:55:27 -0500
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I remember my first Laphroaig, at a wonderful place called the Edinburgh 
Castle in San Francisco, a bar that was I think sort of a rallying point for 
the NoCal Scottish expat community...or so my slightly juvenile soul, newly 
imported from an upbringing in Ohio, wanted to think. Fish and chips wrapped 
in pages from the Examiner, and a parrot in a cage by a portrait of Winston 
Churchill. Brian must know the place. I think it's defunct now.

My Scotch experience was also at a juvenile stage at that point, and when I 
sniffed the aroma of the shot of L. that a friend was urging on me with a 
knowing grin, I was put in mind of summers as a kid when my playmates and I 
would walk down the railroad tracks, and the fragrance of the creosote 
preservative from the railroad ties baking in the hot sun would come up to 
sting my nose. 

I mentally chuckled at such an improbable metaphor...until I quaffed the 
brew, and stopped chuckling. It really WAS creosote. Undoubtedly the most 
memorable first sip of anything, unless that title goes to my first taste of 
beer at age 10 or so (as with Laphroaig, it was a wonder to me that anyone 
would electively spend money and actually enjoy drinking the stuff). Later I 
came to rather different realizations about beer. Don't think that will 
happen with the L.? "strained peat bog water with paint stripper" indeed!

Oh yeah?as of the present time, also my LAST Laphroaig.


On Jan 6, 2011, at 1:32 AM, Geoff Hopkinson wrote:

> Certainly not that Laphroaig stuff!   It's time to have a dig at the
> Laphraoig cult.
> I've been an active professional consumer for more than 50 years. I've held
> glasses of Laphraoig in my hand . It may be technically excellent but it
> doesn't move me... Well sometimes the room may move a little if I hold
> several glasses of it.
> Strained peat bog water with paint stripper in it is no accompaniment for
> sushi! AND it is a monotone dirty brown colour plus smells like burnt 
> socks.
> Real sushi eaters prefer Belgian beer even if it is made by monks (who are
> possibly not sterile).
> Bite! Ice!  feel Content!  is no motto to drink by.
> Cheers
> Geoff
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