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Subject: [Leica] The Three Kings
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 01:02:14 +0100
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Hi Ted, mon ami

I'm absolutely agree with all you say, absolutely true. This picture  
was a fast reaction of a moment, but not a good one, in my opinion,  
neither bronze medal...., I've posted this to share a fun moment  
founding on the street 3 se?oritas as the Kings, yes, unfortunately  
this is not a good one, consider it just a "sample" of good intentions  

Thank you very much mon ami


El 06/01/2011, a las 4:35, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at>  

> Lluis Ripoll showed:
> Subject: [Leica] The Three Kings
>>>> I had on my M8 the Summilux 50mm, unfortunately is a narrow  
>>>> angle, but I
> think it is just an amazing picture to share with you<<<
> Lluis mon ami,
> I understand your feelings for this moment! Actually I wouldn't hurt  
> your feelings for a second and you know that as a friend.
> However, moi as a "mean assed photo editor?"  It's a whole different  
> thing! :-(   You do understand I don't want any hurt feelings. Now  
> this is .... "PHOTO EDITOR" .... not ted! :-)
> But then we as photographers sometime's allow "our emotions of the  
> moment" over ride our photographic editing. Then run a photo we  
> realize later ... "It's too bad I had the wrong lens! I should just  
> put it away and forget it!" We cry a little and tell ourselves we  
> will never make the same mistake again!  :-)
> However truth is, we will do it again as that's life when one is an  
> emotional feeling photographer! Anybody who isn't with the emotions  
> of the moment rarely if ever capture true deep emotional moments!  
> Certainly the kind that make you cry/shed tears 30 years later when  
> you think about the moment! Not that this photo is in that heavy  
> emotional feelings to do that.
> But? You let your emotions for the day of  "The Three Kings" over  
> ride your recognizing that this photo just doesn't work! Simply  
> because you didn't have a wide lens to cover the scene correctly  
> without chopping off the ends, therefore spoiling the photograph.  
> But your heart emotions for the respect of the day allowed you to  
> let your guard down and post it any way. Unfortunately! :-(
> Don't feel bad, we, all of us on the LUG have done this at sometime  
> in our years of photography. Actually many..... certainly me! Have  
> done it more than once!
> If  this were my photograph I would've kicked myself in the butt  
> simply because I had the wrong lens, or that I didn't have a wider  
> angle lens in my pocket to make a quick change and shoot it properly.
> In any  event it's a nice try at saving the day. But this time you  
> don't get the Gold medal...:-(  Bronze maybe. ;-)
> cheers,
> ted
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