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Subject: [Leica] CODING???? is it really a necessary evil?
From: lluisripollquerol at (Lluis Ripoll)
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 23:39:18 +0100
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Hi Ted, mon ami

I've recently coded my Elmarit 24/2.8 ASPH and the Summicron 35 (IV),  
I have not see anu?y difference with my previous pictures. I apprecite  
the inforation on the EXIF, that's all....


El 09/11/2010, a las 18:15, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at>  

> Hi Crew,
> CODING?  for M series lenses on an M8 or whatever?
> Here we go, stupid question for the week. Is the coding just the  
> usual techie number stuff? Or is it absolutely necessary? Do major  
> good things happen if I do have them coded? Or major bad things  
> happen if I don't?
> I have a CV 15mm & 21, both cut beautiful images. a Leica 35  
> Summilux, 90 Summicron, & a Noctilux. Did have several others...  
> sold them.
> Not one has been marked other than maybe me banging them on something.
> So I have tons of images shot with any mixture of these lenses,  
> several have been published, several are for the new medical student  
> book. But they all look cool and blow up to  make beautiful prints  
> 18X12 on 13X19 fine art paper. Colour or B&W.
> Clients have been very pleasantly surprised, I am quite happy with  
> the results, nor do I have any qualms about the "LEICA" looking  
> quality nice and sharp!  So? What am I doing wrong that I acquire  
> such wonderful quality without seeing any weird looking effects in  
> the photographs without coding?
> Or am I just bloody lucky?  Yeah I know it could be me not  
> understanding the techie stuff as usual. :-) But then if I did that  
> techie kind of stuff for the past 60 years I wouldn't be where I am  
> today.
> cheers,
> Dr. ted :-)
> PS: Or is it merely another money making line by Leica to have older  
> lenses returned for coding because some techie guy in Wetzlar on a  
> test bench saw three microns difference and freaked out! Therefore  
> all coding is necesary?
> Last question.
> "Can you actually see the difference in a print with the naked eye,  
> coded or not?? If not? then like... "WHO CARES!" :-)
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