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Subject: [Leica] Well I went and did it
From: photo.forrest at (Phil)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 07:29:41 -0400
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Nope. If I looked like a rich guy, I wouldn't carry a Leica around
southwest Philadelphia. Nobody pays attention to the marque, nobody
besides a photographer knows what a Leica is. Usually it's hipster art
students that know what it is. The folks on the subway & the trolley
have no clue. Most think my M8 is a film camera. They don't pay
attention to it at all, in fact out here they pay attention to a cell
phone more than a camera. A DSLR of any size or cost will get much more
attention than a $7000 Leica.

This is because water seeks its own level and within a community of
photographers who use any type of gear, most of them know what a Leica
is or at least have heard of the brand name. There are some real
serious money-making photographers out there that don't know & don't
care because it's not the tool they use.

Phil Forrest

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 01:25:01 -0400
Mark Rabiner <mark at> wrote:

> DSLR's come basically in two sizes.
> A D3 is latterly twice the size of a D700 and I'm sure there is a
> similar deal with canons between the ones which cost 8 grand and the
> ones which cost 2.5 grand. When you use the big ones they feel it
> when you point it at them. The smaller ones your just another tourist.
> We're kidding ourselves if we think we look like quaint camera
> collectors shooting archaic worthless relics with our M's.
> We look like rich guys. But what we have going for us is the small
> footprint of the camera. They are just small cameras and more to the
> point normally use very small lenses. And I when I shoot DSLR's I
> don't shoot the Yuban coffee can 2.8 zooms I use glass a third that
> size.
> --------------------
> Mark William Rabiner
> Photography
> mark at

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