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Subject: [Leica] DMR Battery Information
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Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 20:10:12 -0500 (CDT)


I agree 100%.  The results speak for themselves.


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Mark Rabiner wrote:

 ... Carry extra batteries and keep a charger in  the truck - is pretty much
the way you'd work with any digital camera system ever made. Yet this DMR
battery tread  unravels from weeks to months and its looking like it will
never end.

It reminds me of when the first battery-dependent cameras became available.  
Many old-time photographers pointed out - quite loudly, too - that once the 
batteries in these new-fangled electronificated cameras died the camera was 
a paperweight.

The DMR's battery capacity isn't as good as most other DSLR cameras.  Big 
Freaking Deal!  The last time I had an opportunity to compare results from 
the DMR with other DSLR cameras was at a California Raptor Center open house 
event, where several of us in a Northern California group worked 
side-by-side (the others were there at my invitation).  It's pretty much a 
no-brainer that I was the only one using a DMR; the other cameras were D300, 
20D and 5D IIRC.  The event was outdoors on a dark, overcast drizzly/rainy 
day under the cover of several mature oak and redwood trees.

On spec sheets the R8/DMR was a poor choice for this event: no high-ISO 
capacity, no IS or VR lenses, no weather sealing, slow frame rate, and 
there's that wimpy battery capacity thing too.  During the event I wiped the 
water off the camera as much as I could, changed batteries as needed, and 
retreated to the truck during particularly rainy spells.  Once we all got 
our results & compared them the differences were startling.  The other 
photographers photos looked fine until they were compared (all on the same 
monitor) with the DMR photos: their photos had weaker colors, clipped 
highlights and weaker shadow detail.  The clarity, color quality and tonal 
range of the photos from the DMR was startlingly better.  Seems to me that 
changing batteries is a small price to pay for these results.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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