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Subject: [Leica] DMR Battery Information
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 17:01:40 -0500 (CDT)


I also do not do any chimping with my R8/DMR.  After 10+ years working with 
the R system metering and now with the DMR on my R8, I have found the R 
meter to be very accurate, so no real need to check exposure.  as for 
examples, the first 12 shots here are with the R8/DMR and no chimping.


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I think it might be different to tell with 4 batteries to keep track of
which ones are working real well and which ones are doing better than

You don't chimp means you don't check your shots as you are shooting them?

Any pix to see?

Mark William Rabiner
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> Subject: [Leica] DMR Battery Information
> I want to share some information with the LUG about DMR batteries. I've got
> four DMR batteries, two of which are showing signs of fatigue. I had an
> interesting conversation with Michael Bass about rebuilding the batteries
> with fresh cells. One of the DMR batteries reads half full after a full
> fresh charge. Using that battery, I squeezed off over four hundred (nearly)
> continuous shots before the battery expired. Yet in the field the battery
> dies within an hour or so of shooting polo a couple of Sunday's ago. And I
> don't chimp. That tells me that the main battery drain using an R8/DMR
> combination is not so much the shutter power requirements as it is the 
> "just
> being on" requirements. I'm going to send the battery to Michael to have 
> him
> replace the cells. But I'd like any other insights anyone has as to why the
> freshly charged battery shows a half charge, yet it can provide over 400
> quick shots yet die in the field in less than an hour.
> Jim Nelon
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