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Subject: [Leica] weird compact flash error (and solution)
From: leicaslacker at (kyle cassidy on the LUG)
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 10:23:33 -0400

Last week I was photographing one of those exciting things I photograph 
between boring bouts of astronomers and black widows, a raft of headshots. 
About six frames into it my trusty Leica d700 STOPPED photographing with a 
flashing CARD FULL error. Sweet Barking Cheese, I thought I cleared off that 
card. I popped another in. STILL a card full error. I reformatted the card. 
The headshotees rumbled uneasily. The card was still showing as full. -- ??? 
-- I turned it off and pulled the battery out. Waiting. People looked at me. 
I put the battery back in and turned the camera on. Card Full. I formatted 
the card again. The shotees began to get restless. Finally I switched to the 
backup, which was an old Leica d100, as my normal backup was out on loan to 
a neighborhood kid visiting Greece. I finished the whole thing with the 
d100. It seemed incredibly slow but the day was saved. More or less.

Back at home base I investigated. The web showed nothing. I powered down the 
camera, upgraded the firmware, used an assortment of cards. Nothing. Looking 
at the last photo I'd taken, I noticed it was called LEICA_9999.jpg 

Could this be related to the file name?

I went through the camera menus and found an entry on file naming. It said 
"Begin numbering folders at 999"

I changed that to 001.

No longer was the card full.

When the image numbering gets to 9999, it rolls over into a new folder with 
image #0001 and keeps on going. Somehow, I'd managed to fill 999 folders 
with photos.

So, if/when that happens to you, you know what to do.


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