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Subject: [Leica] LUG 2010 YEAR BOOK!
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 21:54:19 +0100
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I didn't think you were THAT kind of doctor! ;-)

Have been thinking about it for months, can't make up my mind yet.


On 18/09/2010 01:56, tedgrant at wrote:
> LUG 2010 YEAR BOOK PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!! :-) 
> Yeah I know there's months to go yet so don't start bugging us! Will be 
> the response! :-)
> However, :-) I thought seeing we're half way through September I'd just 
> throw it out to start the feelings of mortal fear of what it's going to 
> sound or feel like by mid-December and you don't have a couple of frames 
> ready for Jim. :-) You've heard of ATTILA the HUN haven't you? I bet I can 
> introduce him to you around the 25 of December and trust me he wont be in 
> a nice red suit! :-) Obviously not a threat of any kind, merely a gentle 
> hint to have your photos ready for Jim Schulman and his magic show of 
> making books by the light of the midnight candle. . :-) I knew you'd 
> understand. :-) :-) 
> Given I've been doing some real serious learning medical stuff attending 
> training sessions with medical students and seeing how to do and use 
> things .... "like how to use a scalpel very well!" :-) I thought given 
> it's Friday and the weekend with all kinds of free time on your hands you 
> might like to think about this as a beginning. Oh and the scalpel? You'll 
> never feel it! ;-) 
> Please open a new folder on your desktop with a title "LUG 2010 PHOTOS" 
> That is of course, if you hadn't already done it as I suggested in January 
> 2010, when you could've thrown in some goodies as the months rolled by.
> Of course you all did that didn't you? Heads nodding in the affirmative! 
> However truth being shown by the guilty look on face, NO! :-)  Yes I 
> thought so. Yeah right! :-( OK so get at it, even if you do nothing but 
> create the folder, at least that stays on the desktop screen as a reminder.
> Have a nice picture taking weekend folks! :-) And ATTILA? He uses an axe 
> and it really hurts! :-) That is compared to my cutting edge technique 
> with a scalpel! ;-) ;-)  Open that folder right now! Don't wait! Less than 
> 30 seconds and you'll have it done! Thank you.
> cheers,
> Dr. ted :-)
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Dr Peter Dzwig                          

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